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Starting Monday 2/3/14: My last w30 of my 20's

Kat B.

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Day 1 - 2/3/14


Sleep: 6 hours. Not great quality, very likely due to Super Bowl drinking and food. Woke up w/ a twinge of heartburn but not surprised. 


Pre-WO: 2.5 paleo turkey meatballs; coffee w/ coconut cream.

WO: Leg Day


Morning Thoughts: I know today I will probably feel pretty good but the next 7 days will not be so good. Scared of the sugar cravings in the afternoon. Maybe a walk or nap will help? Opposites but aimed at same goal b/c I think I get tired in the afternoons (due to poor sleep/getting up super early) so I crave sugar to “boost†my energy. I either need 1) sleep or 2) a different way to increase energy. 


Digestion has been awful lately. Want to do this to get my digestion back on track, because it was better before. Planning to drink a ton of water today. Need to rehydrate everything (skin, hair, nails, organs - everything!)


M1: 2 eggs w/ broccoli, spinach, sweet potato & 1/4 avocado


11:45 am: Craving sweets already? Totally wanted a snack at like 10 but wasn't really hungry. Drinking disgusting black coffee. Bleh. Now I want something sweet. Damnit I know I'm still not really hungry.  Planning to have lunch around 1 because I won't have dinner until 6/6:30. Going to take a walk to Harmon's to see if I can find different coconut milk. Only going to have fruit if it's part of a meal, not as an in-between. 


1:23 pm: Walked to Harmons. The smell of the coffee aisle w/ all the sugary coffee drink mixes was overwhelming. Not sure how that's possible to be experiencing “withdrawal†already? Do I really consume that much sugar? I guess I do - lots of protein powder, PB2, etc. My breakfast for the last several months has been protein pancakes, almost without exception. I wonder why the “sugar dragon†is created/fed by both real and non-caloric sources? Do they all trigger the same physiological response?


M2: ground bison w/ broccoli, stir fry veggies, spinach, a tiny bit of sweet potato and sliced almonds. 100% natural coconut water.


Snack: Berries w/ spoonful coconut cream.


Damn. Shouldn't have had this, but it was small. Now feeling very full. Think it will be no problem making it to dinner w/o breaking down. 


M3: minced chicken w/ bell peppers, mushrooms, onion & spinach in lettuce wraps


8:00 pm: Feeling tired. Time to get ready for bed. Hoping for 7 hours tonight!

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Day 2 - 2/4/14


Sleep: 7.5 hours!!! 


Woke up once at around 2:30/3 am, but was able to fall back to sleep.  


M1: 2 eggs scrambled w/ ground bison, spinach, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper and sweet potato; coffee w/ coconut cream.


Snack: Small handful almonds. 


M2:  Leftover minced chicken w/ bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and spinach topped w/ 1/4 avocado. 1/2 GT's kombucha. Berries w/ spoonful coconut cream.


Snack: small handful almonds. 


M3: Steak salad w/ green peppers, onions, 1/4 avocado; dressed w/ Whole Foods no oil tangerine vinaigrette dressing (these appear to be totally W30 compliant! No sugar, just juice and vinegar). Sweet potato mashed w/ coconut milk and cinnamon topped w/ tsp almond butter.


WO: Stretching at home. 


5:30 am: Digestion is not moving today. Boo. 


3:45 pm: Starting to get a little bit of a headache. I hate you sugar! Actually it's not really sugar's fault, it's my fault for using it as a substitute for actual energy generated thru sleep. Dangit. 


Super proud of myself for resisting the amazing looking cupcakes that were served during a work meeting today. I told my coworkers about my W30 (I usually don't announce such things) and discovered that one of my colleagues is in the midst of a W60! She said she's lost 12 lbs already. She and her hubby own a crossfit gym so she's doing 60 days as part of a gym challenge. It's not for me, but I commend her. 


7pm: Feeling super tired tonight. I feel ready for bed and it's so early. Skipped my cardio day because I'm tired and last week I didn't take any rest days. 


I wish I didn't have those almond snacks today. I was genuinely hungry both times but had neglected to pack proper snack foods for work. The problem is that when I bring snacks, I feel like I “need†to eat them so they don't go to waste, so I'm not really assessing my hunger. Hmm. I'll try a slightly larger lunch tomorrow and see if that's any better. I've been on the 6 small meals a day program for a while so that's probably part of the problem. 


I can already tell tomorrow is going to be a rough sugar day...

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Your meals look good.


Avoid having nuts alone as snacks. The need to snack between meals can be an indication that the portion sizes at your earlier meals need to be bigger.  Play around with your portion sizes until your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours.  In the meantime, if you're genuinely hungry in between meals (hungry = you could eat steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini-meal that includes a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.

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Day 3 - 2/5/14


Sleep: 7 hours 


M1: 2 eggs scrambled w/ broccoli, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper and sweet potato; 2 clementines; coffee w/ coconut cream.


Drank coconut water during the morning. 


M2:  Ground bison w/ roasted brussels sprouts, steamed stir fry veggies (broccoli, carrot, snap peas, broccoli slaw) and spinach w/ sliced almonds.  


Snack: 3 turkey meatballs w/ almond butter


M3: grilled chicken breast kabob w/ grilled onion and zucchini; spoonful almond butter



6:00 am: Woke up w/ a sore throat today. I DON'T WANT TO GET SICK! Everyone at work is catching colds or the flu. Felt like I needed some extra vitamin C to fend off the illness, so I had 2 tiny clementines w/ my first meal. I have a long day ahead with meetings and getting my hair colored after work, so my dinner will be very late, around 8pm. Late afternoons are my worst time for cravings so hoping I can make it through!


9:00 pm: I had a super busy day so I didn't eat lunch until 2pm (not ideal when you eat breakfast at 6!). Sore throat seems to be getting worse so I'm drinking hot lemon water right now and going to take some zinc. Ugh. Need to read through some “W30 w/ a cold†tips!


Energy was good today and no headache.  :D


Thanks for the suggestion Chris - I know that the nut-only snacks are not great. I think I did better today when I planned ahead, although I need to let go of my nut and nut butter obsession. I only have a tiny bit of almond butter left and used the last of my sliced almonds today at lunch, so I am not planning to buy any more for a little bit and work with some different fat sources. I just don't like pricey stuff to go to waste. 

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Day 4 - 2/6/14


Sleep: 5 hours  :(


M1: Hot water w/ lemon and ACV (upon waking); 1 egg w/ ground turkey, spinach and sweet potato topped w/ almond butter; coffee w/ coconut milk 


WO: Lifting and pilates. 

Post-WO: 2 tiny clementines (vitamin C!!!) & some leftover chicken.


M2:  Ground bison w/ roasted brussels sprouts and steamed stir-fry veggies (snap peas, carrots, broccoli, broccoli slaw) w/ 1/4 avocado and almonds; 1/2 frozen banana and blueberries. 


Snack: Coffee w/ coconut milk (bad!!!)


M3: Mixed greens w/ peppers, onion, tomato, olives, sunflower seeds and turkey meatballs w/ tomato viniagrette. 1 clementine & spoonful almond butter. Hot water w/ lemon and ACV. 



Throat is super sore. It actually woke me up. Got up and made hot water w/ Bragg's ACV and lemon. It seems to be helping some. I'm not congested yet but I'm going to run the old neti pot through the system to see as a prophylactic measure - not sure if that helps but can't hurt! 


So so so tired today. And my skin is starting to show signs of detoxing from sugar (read: acne). Fun! I'm just kind of feeling bloated and crappy today. Ugh. Drinking coffee in the afternoon is not good, but I'm so sleepy. I have zero energy right now.


Not a great day. My lunch was actually really small (I didn't have sufficient quantity of the listed vegetables) and that combined with no sleep left me with lots of cravings. Excited to be out of almond butter tomorrow because I think I'm eating way too much of it. Looking forward to a better day 5!

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Forgot to post last night because I was exhausted. I'm having the strangest cold - I feel very fatigued, my throat hurts and is scratchy, but I don't have head congestion (yet?). What is this? Are my homeopathics helping? Just need to get well before the end of next week because I'm heading home to visit the fam and I don't want everyone to get sick. 


Day 5 - 2/7/14


Sleep: 8.25 hours 


M1: Hot water w/ lemon and ACV (upon waking); 2 eggs w/ spinach and sweet potato; side of roasted brussels sprouts; espresso w/ coconut milk.


M2: Salmon w/ roasted brussels sprouts and stir-fry veggies; fresh strawberries/raspberries/blueberries. 


Snack: Sweet potato mashed w/ coconut milk and almond butter. Coconut water sipped throughout afternoon. 


M3:  Steak salad w/ tomato, endive, mushrooms, assorted lettuces.



I didn't set an alarm this morning so I could sleep, and it worked! However I'm not exactly feeling rested today. My throat is a bit scratchy and congested and my head feels foggy. I'm still fighting off succumbing to this cold. 


I realize that I have been eating lunch at my desk all week - one of the biggest parts of the W30 program! Bad habit. I took 20 minutes today and ate my lunch with a coworker. Felt like that helped me eat slower, acknowledge my food, and feel full. 


Definitely not feeling well today - took a 30 minute nap around 4 pm without intending to. Skipped my workout due to lack of energy and knowing that I need to conserve energy to fight off the cold. I've been adding coconut water to the water I already drink for extra hydration in hopes of helping the cold/whatever illness I have. I know it's not 100% advisable but I think you have to have a little leeway with hydration and fruits because they do help when you're sick, don't you think?


Even though I'm under the weather and I don't think my diet has been spot on this week, I can tell I'm less bloated and my digestion seems to be regulating. Small victories. 

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Day 6 - 2/8/14


Sleep: 8.5 hours 


M1: Hot water w/ lemon and ACV (upon waking); espresso w/ coconut milk and raw cacao powder; sweet potato w/ last bit of almond butter (it's now gone!).


M2: 3 egg omelette w/ spinach, bell peppers and avocado; small side fruit


Snack: Larabar; 1 scrambled egg; 1 kiwi; 1 bison meatball (while cooking)


M3:  Lamb over lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber w/ balsamic viniagrette (homemade).


Before bed: Hot water w/ lemon and ACV. 



Throat sore this morning w/ some chest congestion. Weather is wet but warmer. Really want to do some cardio or something to move but I don't want to push it. 


Random eating today. Had to eat breakfast a little later w/ the hubs today, but I'm always hungry right when I get up, so it kind of threw my meals off a bit. 


Digestion wasn't working this morning. Felt very low on energy. 

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Day 7 - 2/9/14


Sleep: 5 hours (dogs and husband snoring plus nasal congestion woke me up super early)


M1: 2 eggs w/ spinach and sweet potato; 1 kiwi; coffee w/ coconut milk


WO: Pilates

Snack: 1 epic turkey bar; 1/2 handful toasted coconut flakes, coffee w/ coconut milk


M2Acorn squash soup w/ chicken apple sausage, broccoli and toasted coconut flakes. 


M3:  Chicken and stir-fry vegetables; 6 frozen strawberries.



Excellent digestion day! Probably TMI but this really makes me happy. Happy happy happy. Having seemingly nonfunctional large intestines is such an awful feeling. 


Did not drink nearly enough water. Aim for 70-90 oz. 


Drank a lot of coffee in the afternoon, between M2 and dinner. Not surprising due to little sleep and working at home. When my energy levels are low and I'm sleep-deprived, I have more of an oral fixation and look to food/drinks for an energy boost. I know this, now I need to change it. Goal this week is to improve sleep!

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