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30 Days of Adventure!?!

Tiffany P

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Hi all!  Ok, it's been more than a year since my last [and only] successful whole30.  I did very well riding my own bike until a few months ago when I was sidelined by a running injury [now healed!] and then overindulged in the holidays, and then putting in some crazy hours at the office.  The hours are still crazy, but I need to take charge of what I can!  So I'm embarking on another Whole30.


Confession #1:  I've started this program at least five times and have only succeeded once.

Confession #2: I'm a little scared to fail myself again so I am here for accountability purposes


So here I am, Day 1 all over again!  So far breakfast consisted of paleomg's pizza spaghetti squash casserole and black half-caff coffee and my fish oil.  

Packed a lunch of chicken salad (breast meat, green grapes, walnuts, paleo mayo)  and carrot ginger soup.


Let the adventure begin!!

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Ok, Day 2... let me just say that I woke up this morning with one hell of a hangover.  Alarm went off at 5, I sat up and immediately laid back down, clearly, my eating had gone so far off the wagon even I didn't realize how bad it was!   Sorry Crossfit, today is not the day I get back on the workout wagon.


So a recap of day 1:


Breakfast: pizza spaghetti squash casserole, black coffee

Lunch: chicken salad, carrot ginger soup

Pre-ride: Rx bar  - I had thrown this in my bag in case of post ride emergency hunger but was surprised to find myself very hungry before I even got to the barn.  Noted, and will pack more whole foods for mini meal later in the week!

Late dinner: chicken salad


learned several things from the day: 1 is that I will be hungry at 6 before I ride so I need to pack a mini-meal to get me through 2 is that when I don't get home until 845 my motivation to eat is low so I need to plan dinners for those days as carefully as I plan my at work breakfast and lunch.  Didn't even realize until I typed it out this morning that I had not taken the time to eat my veggies!  

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Day 2 recap:


Wake up, wonder who ran over my head while I was sleeping... but drag myself to work because, well, paycheck.


Breakfast: chicken salad, half sweet potato, 1 cup black coffee

Lunch: pizza spaghetti squash [last piece, sad trombone...] & carrot soup

Early afternoon: black coffee - when will spring be here?

Dinner:  2 pieces bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms and peppers


I have a lot of late nights, be it for work or riding, so as we go one you'll find I eat traditionally breakfast foods for dinner a LOT.  My old roommate still teases me about it :)    Been perusing the whole30 posts on pinterest in hopes of inspiring some new recipes for the weekend.  Fingers crossed I don't have to work and have time to make them!  Otherwise, you and I are both going to get extremely bored with my food!!!


Looking forward to adding exercise back in soon.  

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Day 3 sucked, but not because of whole30...


Woke up feeling ok but groggy.  Once again skipped working out in favor of an extra hour of sleep!


Breakfast: 3 egg cups [nom nom paleo recipe, egg, spinach, mushroom & prosciutto] 1/2 caf coffee, black


Lunch: wasn't feeling very hungry, may have to start eating later than usual... Chicken salad & carrot soup


Snack:  when it became clear it was going to be a long work day, AND I was hungry, I decided to eat half an rx bar at 6pm


Dinner: finally got home around 8:15 and was a little hungry but not much.  Just ate a couple spoons of chicken salad and some go raw ginger snaps.  Dragged my body through some chores and then off to bed around 10:15 which is late for me but pretty sure I was sound asleep in no more than 5 minutes.


Feeling as good as can be expected, a little sleepy and extremely stressed at work.  I like that the whole30 is already having the desired effect of keeping me from binging on candy or driving through somewhere on the way home simply because I've spent 14 hours at the office and I think I deserve it.  Strict rules were what I needed.   I know once I get over the tired phase the brain fog will clear and who knows, maybe then it will be down to 10 hours of work - oh, oh, or maybe only six days a week!  Wouldn't that be something...


no, I don't hate my job.  I'm very thankful to have one and mostly it's a great gig.  But this time of year being an accountant suuuuuuuuucks.   On to day 4!  fingers crossed I don't kill all the things ;)

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Day 4 - everyone lived!  WOOOHOOOOO!  


Breakfast lunch and dinner, pretty identical to the first three days.  LAME.  C'mon weekend, momma needs some time to cook something new and delicious.  


beginning of Day 5 and I can already report an early entrance to "I just want to nap"ville.  zzzzzz.  BUT, it's Friday.  And every Friday during a whole 30 I treat myself to chipotle for lunch.  Say it with me kids:  guacamole is extra!  :)

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Day 5, was tired all day, but managed to function well enough.  Even managed to abandon work on time and hit the gym!  GASP!  Not gonna lie, my shoulders wish I hadn't...


Breakfast: egg cups - 3, black coffee.  Full caffeine this time

Lunch: chipotle salad with carnitas and -yes i know it's extra- guac

Pre workout: 1/2 rx bar.  It was all I had, Fridays are pretty light on the food options around my kitchen


5 rounds

10 squat snatch  35 lbs

15 knees to elbow

20 push ups


it. was. awful.  Squat snatches are the devil!!  OH squat? meh.  Snatch?  meh.  put them together and all hell breaks loose.  too many moving parts, so the weight has to come way down or I risk not catching the bar.  Coordination is not my strong suit.


Dinner: peppers, onions, mushrooms and sweet potato with two eggs and bacon.  


Watched some of the olympic ceremonies before desire to sleep won out,  I heart sleep.

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Day 6.  Dear diary, weekends are hard 


Breakfast: two slices bacon, two eggs, black coffee


4 rounds of

10 goblet squats

15 kettle bell swings

20 abmats

25 slamballs

400m run


Post wo: decaf coffee while grocery shopping.  Sorry diary, but life is too effing busy sometimes!  Poor form, I know, but the hardboiled eggs they had were not compliant.


lunch: italian sausage cooked with peppers and onions.  Extra yellow and orange peppers as a side because they spoke to me at the grocery.  dried organic mango. about 6 oz Ginger berry booch


Dinner:  brussels sprouts, hot dogs and sweet potato chips (anyone have the secret to making them crunchy?  I'm all ears) dried mango.   Yes diary, I wanted to be a kid again.  Also, hot dogs spoke to me. should probably stop shopping hungry.  


Slept well, workout performance was ok - I scaled down a bit and took my time.  Finished feeling good, but definitely ate too much breakfast.  

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Day 7 - for the love of all things holy, how did my kitchen get this messy?


So I hit the ground running this morning on chores and cooking because I wasn't sure how long I would be at work.  So first thing this morning I cooked 2 spaghetti squash, 4 chicken breasts, 6 chicken thighs, a batch of egg cups and a fresh pot of carrot soup made with bone broth and veggie stock.   Then headed off to work without even realizing I never ate breakfast... and never was hungry... interesting, but not unusual for me on a weekend day.  


Got to work, still had leftovers from yesterday so lunch was Italian sausage with peppers and onions as well as some raw peppers and ginger berry booch [seriously, have you tried this flavor?  noms!]  oh, and a decaf americano.


exercise today was riding, managed to catch the mare pretty quickly, which is a miracle, then had about 45  minutes under saddle.


Got home, commenced putting what I made in the morning together into dishes.  Chicken boobs and sketti squash became paleomg's buffalo chicken pasta, chicken thighs became chicken salad with grapes and walnuts!  


For dinner: chicken salad, sweet potato, and dried mango.  Lesson from the weekend:  dried mango and I have an unhealthy relationship.  Now that I finished what I had bought Saturday, I will not be buying again during this month.  


Apparently, my lovely North Carolina is poised to be pummeled by a winter storm this week.  Super.  I suspect, if it is as bad as they say, I will be working from home on Wednesday!

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Day 8 - I hate Mondays.


woke up really tired, which surprised me because I was all energy and purpose yesterday, what gives?  Like, barely dragged out of bed tired.  Booooo.  Anyways, here's what happened:


Breakfast: 3 egg cups, 1/2 caf black coffee


Lunchtime workout: 30 minutes on the recumbent bike.  Got sweaty, got a little reading in, recharged for the rest of my day


Lunch:  buffalo chicken "pasta", bell peppers


Late dinner [got home from work about 9:20] of chicken salad with some extra grapes added.  This also means I was late to bed, since I normally try to be lights out by 9:30.  So I was already well aware I would not be making it to the 6am WOD for day 9 

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Day 9 - hello bloat, and holy late blooming kill all the things batman!

Dragged myself out of bed, late bedtime means slow going morning :-(

Breakfast: 2 egg cups, black coffee

Lunch: buffalo chicken "pasta", bell peppers and a blood orange


40 double unders, 5 rounds of Cindy

40 double unders, 3 rounds of Cindy

40 double unders, 1 round of Cindy

40 double unders

Felt pretty good, really glad to be back at the gym! Not so great to feel just how out of shape I got over the last two months, but it's good to sweat with my friends again.

Dinner: chicken salad

Went to bed on time, now just waiting on snowpacalypse. 5-10 inches in NC? That's crazy talk!! And, taller than my dogs...

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Day 10 - SNOWPACALYPSE!!! Hang on, is that sleet? Ewww

So I worked from home and therefore was able to cook a breakfast! Terribly exciting.

Breakfast: Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and hot dogs all sautéed together. Coffee with light coconut milk, 1 cup regular 2 decaf

Lunch: buffalo chicken "pasta"

Afternoon workout? Cleaning! One dog was so against the snow, she peed on the carpet by the door, which led to me getting the steam cleaner out, which led to more cleaning...

Dinner: chicken salad and booch.

I haven't been sleeping well the last two days, which is frustrating, but I haven't been exhausted during the day? I thing my hormones are working themselves out here. Gym, and everything else, is closed. Roads are icy, so I'm commuting downstairs to my home office again today.

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Day 11...entirely possible I cannot be trusted at home


so here's the thing, I was in pain most of the day, and not wanting to eat anything.


Breakfast: brussel sprouts, mushrooms and a couple of compliant hot dogs all cooked together.  Coffee w light coconut milk because I was at home and feeling fancy.


late morning is when the pain started, cramping along with bizarre muscle twitching in my abs.  But it wasn't too bad yet and I felt like  maybe I could go for some breakfast type foods so...


Lunch: 2 pieces bacon, 2 over easy eggs, carrot ginger soup


about 2 o'clock [just as the snow stopped and sun came out] the pain got so bad I had to lay down.  About an hour later I decided that I needed to shovel the walk and driveway and maybe exercise would ease the pain...so off I went.  Luckily, my townhouse has the world's smallest driveway and I was done in about 25 sweaty minutes.  Sadly, pain came back.


I ate some sweet potato and avocado.  several hours later I recall eating an RX bar because I was scared to go to bed without having had anything and nothing appealed.  


this has happened before, and is usually the point where I give up on the Whole30.  I'm not ashamed to admit to pain avoidance.  But this time I'm going to try to stick it out to the end.  But there is still some dull pain today and so help me, if it doesn't improve, I'm not really interested in continuing.

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mini update: 2/3 of the way through day 12 and I feel HORRIBLE.  gonna be an early night for this girl, I can't even ride!  I'm in too much pain to sit up straight - it's going to be me + two pups + fetal position in bed at 8 tonight.


although I'm fairly certain nobody reads this ridiculous daily rant of mine, I'll just apologize to any guys in advance. you may wish to stop reading now.  


being a girl sucks.  I mean, if that's what this pain is, that means my cycle was 13 days! @*#^$@&^  kill me.  Overly dramatic - is that a side effect of this too?   I want to workout, I want to get my chores done, I want to do something besides go to bed early every night.

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day 15 is today?  I think?  Made it through the weekend, was compliant but honestly couldn't tell you what I ate when as I was constantly on the move both days.  Cramps went away Saturday afternoon, still sleeping horribly.  Tossing and turning all night.  Happy Monday

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One of the things this program does is rebalance your hormones so yes changes in your cycle are a normal side effect. The longer you eat this way the more it should regulate itself to be more normal. 


That said, just browsing through your log quickly it doesn't look like you are eating enough. W30 recommends that for best results you have 3 meals a day that fit the meal template which means 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of vegetables, and 1-2 servings of added fat. A palm sized portion of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand. On days you workout you want to add a pre workout meal of protein and fat and a post workout meal of lean protein and starchy vegetables. 

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Thanks Physibeth!  Up until this point I thought I was doing a good job of fitting in the template, but now that I read back through I can see what you're saying.  I picked up some greens, avocado and sweet potatoes last night, and hardboiled some eggs to have on hand for pre-WO.  


Feeling pretty good on day 16!  Still no sleeping, pants are still just as tight, but let's see if that all doesn't turn around here for me :)

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okaaaaay... recap of day 16.  Started horribly, but have no one to blame but myself!  If I had packed all the food the night before then my stumbling, sleepless brain wouldn't have done what it did.  But I digress...


Breakfast:  2 eggs, breakfast sausage (I buy ground pork from my farmer then season myself)  


what's that?  no veggies you say?  Yup, that is where my brain failed...  I eat at work so I pack both breakfast and lunch.  


Lunch:  chicken sausage (spinach and garlic), brussels sprout salad, small sweet potato.  I then sipped a gingerberry kombucha into the afternoon.  Have I mentioned I love that flavor?


Dinner:  shrimp, avocado, tomato all dressed in lime juice and olive oil over a bed of lime-cilantro cauliflower rice, a few slices of mango.  I was so full after this dinner!  And bloated!  oh my...  I actually laughed when I looked at my belly in the mirror.  Maybe cauli-rice and brussels sprouts in the same day was a bad choice..


BUT - I slept like a champ!  Until the thunderstorm at 2am.  Eye mask on, back to sleeping like a champ! I packed up all my day 17 foods in the evening after dinner so should be error free :)

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Day 17... still truckin!


Breakfast: chicken salad [you know I never ate the stuff before going paleo?  Never liked mayo until I started making my own!] yellow and orange bell pepper.  Coffee with light coconut milk.


Lunch: 2 chicken sausages, brussels sprout salad [kinda over it,  Being single means eating the same thing for days and it gets old] and a blood orange.  I wasn't very hungry to start, so I didn't cook the sweet potato and glad I didn't!  I was so full I'm pretty sure adding it would've made me puke.  And yes, that has happened before.  Not pretty.


Dinner:  chicken, that sweet potato  and some mango. 


Proceeded to sleep like a champ despite working too much to workout.

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Day 22 - got bored of logging my food but am still going strong!  Sleeping better, more energy, but clothes are still tight.  I'm not too worried about that, though.  Now that I'm finally hitting Tiger Blood stage [i'm a late bloomer]  I think more regular exercise will take care of that issue!

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