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First Whole 30, input needed


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I am beginning my first whole 30 today. I am currently breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter. I would like to know if what I am planning to eat today seems Ok. I'm conciously trying to add in starchy vegetable/a bit of fruit to hopefully prevent any supply drop, is this necessary?


Breakfast: almost 3 eggs

               3/4 avocado

               1/4 cup of mixed berries w/ shredded coconut

My intention was to eat the whole avocado and  about 1/2 cup of the fruit but I was full.


I haven't eaten these meals yet, just what I have planned

Lunch: 1.5 Palm sized piece of chicken breast

            1 cup of broccoli

            1 cup of butternut squash

            5 oz coconut milk


Dinner: 1.5 palm sizes of chicken

             2 zuchinni

             1/2 cup onion

              1 garlic clove

             1 cup baby carrots

             this will all be cooked in olive oil


I have a snack of pistachios reserved in case I get hungry between lunch and dinner.


Anything I should add, perhaps take away?



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Do you have a copy of the meal template? Whole30 recommends that every meal follow this template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and the appropriate amount of compliant fat.

Lunch and dinner look good. Breakfast was missing veggies - don't let fruit push vegetables off your plate.


Snacks, if needed, should be a mini-meal containing a protein and fat. Nuts are considered a fat source on a Whole30. 

As someone who is breastfeeding, you have license to eat 4 meals a day, if that ends up working better for you.

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Thank you, I have the template, honestly I am just overwhelmed with so much planning that I forgot to add vegetables for breakfast. I typically make no plans for what I will eat, and just sort of find something when I get hungry. I will work harder on this tomorrow. I appreciate the input.

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Last night felt really yucky, naseous and bad headache and could not sleep. Today so far do not want to eat, forced breakfast down.


Day 2

Meal 1 sweet potato w/ cinamon and coconut oil

3 eggs


meal 2

zucchini,carrots, onions, and garlic w/ chicken  cooked in olive oil

green apple


meal 3

ground beef w/ tomato paste onions and almond meal

green beans w/ onions

mashed sweet potatos w/ coconut milk


I have 5 ounces of coconut milk with me, I will sip on this throughout the day.

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