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Other 'athlete' resources?


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Can folks suggest any good books, blogs or sources of inspiration for paleo eating for athletes? I just finished my first Whole30. I will admit-I never got the huge surge of energy that everyone spoke of. I didnt feel horrible, but I never felt really great. I had some awesome workouts, and I also had some where I crashed and burned- HARD (even after my body got used to the new eating plan). 


I think I was under consuming calories --and I got pretty resentful of the amount of food prep and planning that was needed. It was so tough to eat on the go (so occasionally I ate less than I should instead of breaking the whole30). I planned to abandon it and go back to eating my usual(and healthy) way. Except...I tried to, and I feel like crap. 


I went back to the grocery store today and focused on paleo purchases again, but I could use some additional inspiration...that specifically recognizes I train 10+ hours per week and need to pack snacks and such. I felt like I was chained to my kitchen for the last month. I want to try again, but there has got to be a more 'life friendly' way to do it. 


Any great sources? (besides ISWF) To make matters more complicated...I was a vegetarian for the last 7 years. I only reintroduced meat a few months ago in an effort to improve my athletic performance. My cooking and meal planning skills are non-existent. 



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The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain


The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Volek and Phinney


These are a good place to start (or refresh) if you haven't read them.  All of their stuff may not be Whole30, but you can take the basic principles and incorporate them into Whole30 

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