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BoCa's Anotated Food Log


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DAY 1 (Note: Catching up so I may remember this only sort of right. It's day 3 as I look back)


B: scrambled eggs (eggs with water, cooked in olive oil), bacon, banana afterward. Loads of black coffee -- which is, thankfully, how I've always drunk coffee :-)

SNACK: Nuts (approved kinds, but I can't remember which at the moment)

L: I cooked for a party and ate standing up, positively against regulations, while doing the cooking. So I had, I think, a hard boiled egg, vegetables raw as I was cutting them, and some chicken.

SNACK:: Carrot chips, yam chips (neither were very good, I should add). I have since learned the error of my ways re snacking. I did not know about it at the time. Hadn't paid enough attention to the meal planner.

D: I had ladies over for a party. So I ate my own party food, but not the fresh bread I'd baked them. So my dinner was (probably), some freshly made tapenade (a little nervous that the cook, not me, said there were dried cranberries in it, so I stopped eating that after she told me about those, as many of them have added sugar, but even if I did eat them, it can't have been a sliver or two at most of the dried fruit as it was a small portion of the tapenade and I had a small portion of the tapenade... still, day one? Already I'm in trouble!), some yam crisps I spread the tapenade on (I made the yam crisps, so compliant for sure), carrot crisps, chicken and vegetable skewer, and a handful of olives. Drank ginger lemon water an diced tea.


To my credit, many of the ladies brought sweets when they came. Brownies, muffins, cake.. all manner of sweets. They ate them, my kids ate them, and the rest I asked them to please take home with them as I wasn't allowed to eat those this month :-) Also, everyone had wine, but not me. Yay, me. Day 1 AND a party. Survived.


DAY 2 (Also trying to remember, but it was only yesterday, so I'm probably closer on this one)

B: A banana (That's true. For sure. Not sure how I forgot about breakfast. Probably because I slept in)

L: Two pieces of sautéed salmon and roast vegetables. Iced tea. (Ate at a restaurant and had to go through a major ordeal to find out what was in the food and had to request special preparation. As I don't live in America, this was a real hassle and made the meal unpleasant. My husband is doing the Whole 30 also, and was eating with me, and he agreed that eating out is probably not going to work for us)

SNACK: Frozen cubes of mango. Undoubtedly too many of them. Again, it was after this that I learned of the snacking taboo.

D: beef roast cooked in tomato sauce and some carrots and zucchini. Water.


DAY 3: (Getting better. I piled on a heavier breakfast and we'll see how that goes, to help not want to snack). I have to admit that on day 3, I am finding the cooking onerous. I like to cook, but having to check the rules, vet the ingredients, and so on, well, it's getting a little annoying. Also, cooking one way for my kids and one way for me just means I have to think more about food prep than I really want to. I'm still in, but this is an aspect that's getting on my nerves. Hopefully as I get to know the rules better, this will be less of a thing)

B: Two egg omelet (mixed up the eggs with water) with onion and green pepper sautéed in olive oil. A banana. A few small pieces of raw coconut meat. Buckets of coffee, black.

L: Olives (oh, about 7 of them), a small piece of beef (smaller than palm sized) and guacamole egg salad eaten with 3 really big carrot sticks. A closed handful of walnut halves.

D: Using last night's leftover beef and all the rest new stuff, I made a chili paste and coconut milk veg and beef meal. Ginger, onions, garlic. Very flavor. It missed it's bed of fluffy, fragrant rice, but we managed just the same :-) and enjoyed. For the kids? Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cut up sausages I'd bought before but realized I couldn't eat because they had sugar in them. So, another two-meal night. Gotta find a better way to handle dinner eventually, but while I'm getting rid of stuff we love but can't eat now, it's fine. The kids enjoy it. 

Desert: frozen mango pieces


I have a housekeeper/cook and she made the fresh coconut milk for us today! This is a benefit of living in India, to be sure. And I enjoyed seeing how it's made. Very straightforward. Might not buy canned in the future. Why? When Mallika will make it :-)


That's it so far. 


DAY 4:


B: Fish and zucchini fried in olive oil and a banana afterward

L: Greek salad with no feta, dressing of olive oil and vinegar, maybe 6 grilled shrimp on top. Fruit plate for desert (melon, papaya, kiwi, watermelon, and something I didn't recognize, but it was fruit)

D: Still under consideration. A roasting chicken is almost thawed. Not sure what to serve with it. No more zucchini, for heaven's sake! Breakfast and lunch were too light. I'm hungry. But I'm behind in my shopping and can't find anything edible in the house. Also, I'm more limited than the list itself of foods we can eat because I can't get all of those things. Just not available here. This is a challenge...


On the upside, I'm not moody or tired and I'm not dreaming about food, which my daily emails tell me are some of the things people are running into.


Also on the upside, in the absence of my revered two glasses of red wine per day, I find I am drinking nice things like herbal tea and bottle after bottle of water. Very healthy. Not as nice to drink. I do miss the wine. But i can clearly see that in the absence of the one, the replacement is good and healthy.

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Day 4 dinner: Appetizer of carrots dipped in babaganoush. I see sesame is a "limit" food and babaganoush needs tahini, which is sesame paste. I have decided that as infrequently as I round up all the ingredients for this particular dip, it will certainly be "limited". Also ate a few prunes, a big handful of cashews, and a few olives (3?). Dinner is a roast chicken with a side salad of lettuce and peppers and cucumbers and another salad of fennel with orange, olive oil, and hot-ish red pepper. After dinner beverage, a cup of hot mint and lemon grass tea (threw in a bunch of mint and a bunch of lemon grass twigs and voila! Really good tea). It's not the nice glass (by which I really mean "tankard") of red wine that I actually wanted, but it's yummy in its own way.

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Day 5:


Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, side of bacon, sauteed vegetables, coffee


Lunch: Steak, steamed vegetables, lime with fizzy water


Dinner: Shrimp in coconut milk, South Indian spinach (more coconut...), and cilantro chutney with, you guessed it, coconut. To drink, mint and lemon grass tea.


I am VERY tired today. Though it could have to do with the incredibly bad air quality in New Delhi, which is worse than the more famously bad air of Beijing ... I can't just automatically blame it on the food.

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Day 6: 


B: 2 fried eggs, coffee


Throughout the morning and afternoon: tons of iced mint/lemongrass tea


L: Thai chicken, coffee, black grapes, and a big handful of almonds


D; Chicken leg and thigh (baked), baked yams.


After dinner: Off to a cocktail party with finger food in an hour or so! So, no cocktails, and probably no finger food will be edible for me. As I do not want to insult my hostess, I will not ask her what's in anything at all, and if there is cruditee, I'll just eat that, and if there isn't, then I'll have already had something to eat and won't worry about it. I'll just enjoy fizzy water with lime. And I'll carry a bottle of wine to give the hostess, but will drink none of it myself. Pity!



...After the cocktail party: Tried to find something at the bar, settled on tonic water with lemon, and one sip in realized it was sweetened tonic water. I had no idea tonic water could ever be sweetened. Got tap water instead. From the table, I could eat the cruditee and that's it. Oh, and some watermelon. I tried the mini hamburgers, removing the bun, and with the first bite in my mouth, I realized it was not a meat hamburger, but some kind of potato thing. Spat it out. Delicately. In the kitchen. Awkward!

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Day 7


B: Chicken thigh and leg, vegetables diped in tapenade, handful of walnuts.




L: Melon, Egg salad made with coriander chutney (coriander, coconut milk, and spices) dipped with carrot and cucumber sticks.




Snacked on some olives between meals


D: Grilled salmon, sauteed red, yellow, and green peppers, pumpkin flan (made with coconut milk) and half an orange after dinner.

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Day 8


B/L (I slept in today): Two eggs fried in oil, side of sauteed red, yellow and green peppers (left overs). Some nuts and dried fruit afterward.


Lots of coffee and water


L: A chicken and thigh baked with herbs, pumpkin flan, bit of beet salad, cashews, prunes, fennel salad with orange dressing.


D: Salmon, brocoli, and a carrot

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Day 9


B: Scrambled eggs and strawberries


Drink: Coffee and water


snack: dried fruit and some cashews


L: Salmon, nuts, dried fruit, beet salad


Afternoon: Black tea, several


D: chicken leg and thigh, cabbage salad, sauteed pumpkin with ginger, onion, and garlic.


Drink: fizzy water with lemon

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Day 10:


Cant' believe I'm only 1/3 through with this! Oh well, still hanging in there.


B: Omelet with green peppers and red onion, 


L: Chicken leg and thigh, braised pumpkin, cut raw veg. Two oranges.


D: Indian chicken, garden salad, roasted sweet potato. A handful of olives and a couple of seedless black grapes.


But what's most amazing is that I cooked the kids homemade mac and cheese, but did not eat it myself! Oh, I so totally wanted to.


This notion that you can just throw out or lock up all of the things that are in your cupboard but that you can't eat this month only works if you either a) have no kids or B) have kids that will also eat like this. That's not our house. So I cook for them the foods they love and that I used to eat also, and then I cook my own dinner. Ugh. Not good. Verrrrrrrrry tempting, every single solitary day.

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Day 12:


B: Scotch egg and veg


L: Scotch egg, veg, dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice. Very hard to find cranberries that aren't sugar or other sweetener sweetened), nuts


Snack: two small oranges


D: Cod fillets, mixed sauteed veg such as cabbage, green beans and other green stuff, baked sweet potato slices, vegetable soup, handful of pistachio.

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