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Day 14.. Pants are tighter... UGH


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Just had to vent this morning... Day 14 here... Pants are tighter again today... Noticed it yesterday too... Here is to hoping that today it is just because the khaki's spent too much time in the dryer and will readjust themselves back to a non tight form once I have them on for a bit...


Or maybe that my visitor is going to be early this month?


Just had to get it out there... Ugh... 

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Completely understand what you are going through. In fact, it's so common that Whole30 included a section about it on their timeline. http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/


Hope it makes you feel better - it definitely gave me a sigh of relief my first time around. :)


Thank you! :) Hopefully it will go away soon LOL... Had the same problem around Day 9-10 like the timeline... 

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