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Starting Whole 30 For Sanity!


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Hi all.


I'm an on again, off again paleoer who has felt the amazing benefits of abstaining from food that harms, but sometimes falls of the wagon.  This is mainly due to allowing myself to give in around friends who do not follow the same dietary protocol (and trust me, ya'll.  I've tried to get the gang on board!).


I haven't been sleeping well recently and have found myself in a heap of a financial dilemma.  I made the decision to move back in with my folks, as I'm planning on leaving for grad school this August.  I'm really excited about the big move in August, but bummed about having to resign my independence for a while.  In a small way, it feels like a failure, in spite of the success I've had this year in academia.

With all of this being said, I realized the one thing I can control right now is my health/well being.  So I'm starting Whole30, journaling, and following the Insanity exercise program (is anyone familiar with Insanity/does anyone have an opinion?  Sometimes I feel that it's a little too cardio intense).


I look forward to having the support of this community and sharing results!




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