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Looking for a link that has ingredients that are no nos


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At one point I came across a list that had things that we can't have while on the whole30.

It's not the official can I have page.

It had random ingredients that might be in products.

An example is....

I just finished my first whole30 and on day 29 found out that vegetable glycerine is NOT allowed. It was in 2 vitamins I had been taking.

I'm starting again tomorrow and want to make sure I don't do this again with ingredients that are not blatantly evident non-compliant.

The list had things on it like citric acid etc

And.... How much did I loose by having the veg glycerin? Did it mess up my whole30 slightly? Or a lot?

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The official rules and the official Can I Have...? article are trustworthy as are moderator responses in the Can I Have section of the forum. Other lists may not be.


Vegetable glycerin is not good: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-vegetable-glycerin.htm#slideshow but it is not a sufficient reason to restart a Whole30. It probably made no difference to your experience. You should find products without it, but this is not a fail.

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I find it's easiest to search the forum via Google. Type Whole30 followed by whatever you're looking for, and if it's been previously discussed, you'll get links to the posts.


If you do this with citric acid, you'll get several links that confirm yes, you can have it on a Whole30.

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