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Some of my blood work is in and these are the results! I know some of it looks grim, but I am excited and hopeful. I think these results are fantastic...I know some areas need improvement, but I can work on that. I hadn't had a physical in 2+ years because I was scared of what the results would be. I had tried on and off to maintain a paleo diet. It wasn't until January 1st that I committed to it. It wasn't until January 11th (I think) that I committed to W30. This is great and encourages me to continue forward. 


Cholesterol 2+/- years ago 190

                      Feb 2014         215

                     Standard Range >200

                     Difference between tests +25


Triglycerides 2+/- years ago 462

                      Feb 2014           325

                     Standard Range >150

                     Difference between tests -137


LDL                2+/- years ago 94

                      Feb 2014         129

                     Standard Range >100

                     Difference between tests +35


HDL               2+/- years ago 29

                      Feb 2014         33

                     Standard Range <60+

                     Difference between tests +4


Sugar           2+/- years ago 92

                      Feb 2014        88

                     Standard Range 50-115

                     Difference between tests -4


I had to edit because I posted a chart and when I viewed it the whole thing was jumbled over the page.

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