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Whole30 Round Two!


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Today is day 31 and I've now completed my 2nd Whole30. I've learned so much the 2nd time around.   

I completed my first Whole30 in June 2013. I was blissful and started my re-introduction. My family was so delighted at my return to “their kind of food†that I believe I reintroduced everything within a week. Not the way it should have gone. From there I stayed fairly true to the Whole30 template until we went to Disney World..on the free meal plan…where every meal comes with a cupcake. My sugar dragon took hold of me and I did not fight it. From there I returned home to sugar filled coffee drinks, holiday treats in every form and ice cream every weekend. I said no to nothing. I gained 18 pounds very quickly. Things were not looking good. I was depressed, tired and sedentary.  I had not so nice thoughts about the Whole30 and even blamed my success for my weight gain –my reasoning was if I just kept eating grains I would be thin…hungry but thin. I thought about my 12 years as a point counter at Weight Watchers and how I had been at goal for 5 years (starving and mean). I finally circled back to the happiness I felt during my first Whole30. My goal this time was not the number on the scale but how I felt.

I geared up again for another round. I bought Well Fed and Well Fed 2 and Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans. I was ready – bring it! I felt so much better right away. I do well with boundaries. And my boundaries were created by the template. I cooked up a storm. I'm actually good at cooking and enjoy it. Melissa and Michelle make recipes that anyone can follow.

I had food dreams this time around. I couldn't understand them on the forum until they were mine. I dreamed of eating ice cream, taking a bite of a cupcake and drinking beer (I don't even like beer)!! I felt so guilty. They were just dreams but they felt so real.

I set goals to sleep more, exercise and move at work. I could still use more sleep and movement but I was able to exercise (walking or Pilates).

I enjoyed each meal filled with protein, vegetables, good fats, some fruit and occasional nuts. I never felt deprived. I went to see 3 movies! I just ate a good meal beforehand and brought water. Although I did bring a bag of cherries on my birthday – I'm such a rebel. I said no to cupcakes, brought by my in-laws, when we celebrated my birthday. I wasn't even tempted – such an empowering feeling.  I ate out only a few times. Each time was compliant.

I'm grateful that my husband was incredibly understanding of my journey and that it needs to continue after 30 days.  We talked about the upcoming reintroduction. What I've learned is that dairy in the form of half and half or ice cream is a sled to bad choices for me. I'd rather have bullet proof coffee than a latte and fresh fruit with toasted coconut sprinkled on top instead of a bowl of ice cream. I don't want my breaks to go out again! And most importantly – I do not miss either food. I also do not miss grains or legumes. I was abusing honey and maple syrup by making “paleo pumpkin pie lattes.†Staying away from paleofied foods is a good thing for me.

We have had a pizza dinner planned with family for some time this Friday. I plan to enjoy a few slices and eat clean from then on. I'm prepared for a bit of GI distress. It's not perfect but it's so much better. I feel so much more in control of my choices this time. It's not a big deal that “I'm done†because my family has grown used to the template and some pretty darn good food that has come with it. My daughter and I have had wonderful talks about filling our bodies with nourishing foods.

Yes, I did lose weight but it does not matter. I'm breaking up with my scale. It was great to take a break but I'm honestly sick of its feedback. I'm ready to go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. Today I feel great and look forward to long lasting health. It took two tries but it was well worth it!

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