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Wild game recipes? I hit moose and caribou jackpot


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I'm really lucky to live in Alaska, where wild game is plentiful. My hairdresser just blessed me with 20 lbs of caribou and moose meat that was at the edge of its freezer life. There are a couple of steaks, but mostly I am looking at ground meat.



What go-to recipes (or just flavors, even?) rock for game-y meats? I spend a lot of hours in the kitchen and don't mind the labor of love recipes, but slow cooker recipes are also very welcome as I have a busy lifestyle.


I love Pinterest, so if you have a board with recipes I'd love to check it out!


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Wellll...I don't have much game meat experience, but I do have a lot of grassfed beef experience and I think they are a bit similar.  Both are low fat and need to be cooked a little differently than your typical corn fed beef.


Depending on if you like gamey meat or not, you have lots of options.  If you like gamey meat, then cooking it in beef recipes is probably fine.  If you don't like gamey meat, then you might want to go towards recipes that are heavier on the spices to mask the flavor.  Check out ground lamb recipes...lamb is gamey-er than beef and the recipes usually have a lot of spices in them.


Meatballs are always great.  You can do half red meat and half pork to lighten up the ball and make it less dense.  Shepherd's pie is good also because there is a lot more going on than just the meat.  Meatloaf is good.  I usually do half red meat and half ground pork (for the same reasons as meatballs.)  Then wrap it in bacon and bake.


I'm not a fan of gamey meat, but I can eat it in something like a chile where there is a lot of other flavors and spices.  You could also do a spaghetti sauce with it.   If you do burgers with it, fry up a few slices of bacon in a pan and then cook the burger in the bacon fat (ahahahahaha!)  Since there is little fat in the burger, the bacon grease is ok.  And it tastes wicked awesome!


You'll be surprised how fast you go through the 20 pounds of meat!  Have fun and let us know what you come up with.

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