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Alcohol and Tummy Issues Post Whole30


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Hey everyone,


Aplogize in advance for any TMI.


So I finished my whole 30 on the 31st and I couldn't wait to drink wine! The first weekend wine was all that I reintroed (along with honey in some paleo treats) since it was all I was really missing. Prior to the whole 30 I would have a few drinks on weekend nights and have a glass of wine a few week nights at home without any major issues. However, on day 31 I had 2 glasses of wine and my stomach PAYED for it the next day. I have IBS, but this was really bad even for me (Diahrrea). I was searching in the internet and I saw that red wine is bad for people with IBS so I thought, oh it's probably just the red wine.


Last night to try it out I had a vodka soda made with Tito's Gluten free vodka. Felt fine while drinking it, but this morning I'm running to the bathroom! After one drink!


Could whole30 have made me intolerant to alcohol?? This doesn't seem to make sense. I should be able to have one or two drinks without have bathroom issues the next day!


Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice or insight? Feeling pretty bummed.

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I love red wine, and I always have issues with what I call "wine gut" the next morning.  My first day post W-30, I had 2 glasses of wine (over the course of 5 hours) and I felt awful!! Heartburn, couldn't sleep, thought I was going to be sick, and like you, had terrible potty issues the next day.  We are going wine tasting on Sunday, and I'm pretty worried about how that's going to go... Like you, I'm bummed. I don't drink all the time, but I do enjoy my red wine.

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