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Shorter Re-Intro Phase?


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My husband and I are on day 26 of our Whole 30. So far, it has been a really good experience. We have both noticed our clothes are fitting much better and it's made us much more aware of what we are choosing to eat. We have found some amazing new recipes that we will definitely keep making once the Whole30 is over and it's gotten me out of the "food rut" I was in :) My only dissappointment is that I was hoping to have more energy in my body but I don't feel like my energy level had changed much or that I have more to give in my work outs (and I have been very careful to eat according to the template, eating 3 large meals a day, protein/fat/veg etc). In some ways, I actually feel more physically tired (not sleepy, just lack of energy, especially when I work out). Maybe some people's bodies respond better to the program in that regard?


Now to the point. When we started this, my husband said he was only going to do it for 21 days. After a couple weeks into it, I convinced him to stick it out for the full 30. However, when I recently told him that there is an additional 10 day phase of adding things back in (6 of those days being back to strict whole 30), he was not happy. Basically, he's over it and ready to be done. He won't last 10 more days after the 30. So, what I'm wondering is, is it possible to shorten that period. Like only leave one day in between introducing each new food group? Is there any reason why it has to be two? I guess I would think if our bodies were gonna have a reaction, it would be within 24-48 hours of eating said food. And generally, we eat pretty healthy. Also, we finish on the 10th. Would having a glass of wine on Valentines' day be ok (I had read not to re-intro alcohol til the very end of the re-intro phase, but wondering if that's a hard and fast rule)?

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The sample reintroduction schedule is based on best practices of thousands of prior folks doing Whole30s and reintroducing, which is why it recommends 2 days of 100% Whole30 eating between reintros. 


You could shorten the period (truly, you can do whatever you want after your Whole30), but it's not recommended if you want to be certain of your reintro results. If you have a delayed reaction to say, dairy, 2 days after you have it, and reintro gluten on the same day, you won't know which is the culprit.


Generally, the recommendation on alcohol is to have its own reintro day. Again, if you reintro it while you introduce something else, you don't know which is cause, if you have an adverse reaction.

Once you reintroduce something, the idea is to not have that food group again until all your reintros are complete.


Also, only reintro those food groups you're curious about (in terms of your reaction), or that you want to eat again.  

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