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Fraue's extended Whole30 food log


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Hi there, I started my Whole30 on Jan 3, 2014. It went great. My goals were to slim down; address my intimate relationship with sugar, bread, and cheese; detox and recalibrate my hormones after 7 IVF cycles in last year and a half; and try to alleviate the atopic dermatitis / acne mix and joint pain that started during IVF.

Fast forward to February, I've lost 6.6kg (14.5 lbs). Most of it which was probably bloating from all the hormones I was shooting up and just overall inflammation. I've decided to carry on with my Whole30, as my skin is doing better, but it still needs sometime and I still feel that I'm really just at the beginning of healing the rest of me. I did IVF for over a year and really abused my body in the process. This seems to be the nicest thing I've done for my body in a long time.

During the first 30 days I also noticed that I need to work on better sleep hygiene and my relationship with coffee and caffeine. Note: during my first 30 days I still drank coffee / caffeine in the afternoon. I limited my intake, but realized it was probably messing with my sleep, as I'm still not waking up refreshed. Why have I chosen to slowly cut caffeine, instead of going cold turkey? I think that I personally have more trouble dealing with cravings when I cut caffeine quickly. So I'm doing a week by week cut down. This week I'm allowing one black coffee in the morning and a caffeinated tea. Next week I'll try a decaf coffee and a tea and so on. So these two issues are a big focus for the next 30 days.

So to see where I can improve and up my self analysis / awareness, I'm going public with what I've been eating (and drinking). Here's this yesterday's overview to get started:

Breakfast day 35/60

Eggless Scramble

(P) 3 homemade beef/pork sausage breakfast patties chopped up in scramble

(V) fresh spinach, muscat squash chunks, green onion, yellow onion, cauliflower 'rice', and canned mushrooms

(F) used 1 tbsp ghee to sauté scramble and topped off the whole thing with a handful of raw cashews

Morning beverages

1 Kusmi tchai black tea with a dollop of coconut milk

San Pellegrino water

1 black coffee


Fish kebab served on a Asiany salad of cucumber and spinach

(P) Shrimp and white fish kebab lightly breaded with coconut flour, salt, pepper

(V) cucumber spirals, green onion, spinach salad with dressing made of apple vinegar, coconut aminos, sesame salt and oil blend

(F) 2 tbsp coconut oil to cook (cooking for two people), 1 tbsp of EVOO mixed with sesame seed oil in the salad dressing

Afternoon beverages

Lov is Good, organic herbal tea

San Pellegrino water


Tuna 'casserole' served on a bed of arugula

(P) 3/4 of can tuna in olive oil

(V) roasted cabbage as noodles, red pepper, arugula, yellow onion

*(F) olive oil in canned tuna probably 2 tbsp; EVOO 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp tahini in homemade dressing that I used, Kalmata olives in recipe, but only a few per serving

*note I think this was a bit too much fat, as it made me feel a bit ill. Last time I made this recipe, I used tuna in brine, so there wasn't the oil from the canned tuna that I did not drain off. Probably can cut the portion of dressing down also, as the cabbage is also roasted in coconut oil.

Evening beverages

Orange blossom tea

Medicinal sleep tea with baldrian and hops

San Pellegrino water

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