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My husband and I just started the Whole 30 today. Up until now I had been pushing him into vegan after reading books and watching the movie Forks over Knives etc. We did fairly good but couldn't ever sustain it. Seems we'd always fall back into pig out eating of not only meat but all kinds of junk. Now he's rolling his eyes at me cus I seem to have done a 180 on him. I admit I'm still not sure but I'm tired of this yo yoing and willing to try this. But I've spent years now convincing myself vegan was the way to and a lot of this is so opposite to what the "doctor's of plant based" say is right.

My husband suffer's terrible from allergies and ashma. He loves his bread and crackers so much I'm surprised he's willing to give them up for this. But I'm so glad he's willing once again to give what I want to do a try. I think he's just happy I won't make a fuss about eating meat now :wub:

Anyway, we are onboard now and have commited to the next 30 days to see how it goes. Thanks for being here. I am also very inexperienced at these forums. I don't usually do any kind of social networking etc but I will try to learn this forum so I can get help with this. Thanks again.

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Good for you. I was vegetarian (and then vegan) for a couple years and wound up getting sicker and sicker. I did it for health and ethical reasons, but the cost of doing it to my health became too high. I ate a pretty much "Whole30 for vegetarian" version of it too, so no one can tell me that I must not have been doing it right.

There was a tremendous difference in how I felt as a vegan than how I felt when I went paleo. It was very convincing that eating paleo is definitely healthier.

Glad to see you and your husband giving this a shot and don't worry about the 180. You're on a quest to be healthy and we don't always get it right the first time.

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Thanks for the reply Casey Dean.

Obviously it will be awhile before I can tell how I feel on this Whole 30 since I just started.

It's just still hard to get the "plant based doctors" out of my head as I add oil to things and eat eggs and meat. They have thier research saying what they say is true and I guess the Paleo has thier research saying what they say is true. What I notice is each gets endorsements from thier own "camps" so to speak. I wonder where the third party "unbiased" research is.

I also just got myself liking beans and now am told by this not to eat beans.

Anyway, I am commited to the 30 days as specified on the Whole30. I just made a stir fry but we really missed our Tamari....The coconut aminos just didn't really do it. Oh well.

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It is really hard to know what to eat with so many different "camps" out there. I was also a vegetarian for a year, because I felt it was the most humane way to eat. But I felt awful--really tired, lethargic, weight gain, etc.

I highly recommend continuing to read and research! As I read Michael Pollan, Taubes, blogs, visited a grass-fed cattle ranch (where we buy our meat from), went to a slaughterhouse... I ultimately decided that I could be Paleo in a humane way. And I feel so much better!

Good luck with your Whole30 and your food journey in general!

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