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Candice's Whole30


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It was only a week ago that hubby and I decided to challenge ourselves with the Whole30 program. It was only 9 days ago that I first learned about it...but right away it struck me as something that Chris (hubby) should try to relieve some of his digestive issues.  He was actually on board with the idea, and it worked just perfect for me as well as I have been wanting to stop my dependency on sugar.  Earlier this week we completely cleaned our cupboards and fridge out, throwing away LOTS of things, as well as putting aside some things that we "hope" to be able to eat again one day (rice! oats!)

Leading up to today I was both excited and nervous. This morning I woke up really apprehensive.  Chris has already been kinda following the plan a few days already, so he was more casual about it -  but today is our official "Day 1".

We both weighed in this morning... and won't be again until the 30 days are up! That part is going to eat away at me like crazy! And even though weight loss is part of my goal with doing the Whole30, it is not my main focus, so I have to suck it up and be patient :) MUCH easier said than done.  So as much as I REALLY don't want to put this out there for the world, I thought I would be brave and post both Chris and I's starting weights.  Tomorrow I will add our body measurements that I plan to take tonight.  So here is the damage:

Candice Start Weight:   197.4 Lb
Chris Start Weight:        248.2 Lb

This morning I woke up STARVING. I am not sure if it was just my brain playing tricks on me knowing that today was the day or what, but I was definitely ready for breakfast first thing.  Getting into the habit of eating shortly after waking I think will be hard for me, as my bad habit is usually waiting until 9:30 to eat my breakfast (and I wake up at 6:15). We will see how that goes. I didn't crave my morning coffee as much this morning and I think its because I knew that I wasn't going to get to have my usual cream in sugar in it....is that what I crave in the morning first thing? The caffeine or the sugar?!

By 9:30 this morning I got a headache. It could be sugar withdrawals or just my typical headaches that I get a couple days a week.  It will be interesting to see how that progresses as well.  I don't think I packed enough protein in my lunch today so I was just ravoneous by the time lunch came. And even that was kind of skimpy on the protein. I know that over the next few days (Long weekend, yeah!) I will be able to plan better and do a better shopping list - adjusting how we feel day to day and make sure we are eating enough of the right stuff.

I'll check back in tomorrow!

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Welcome! Many people post what they are eating in these logs for their own reference looking back and so that others can give them help/feedback. Headaches the first couple of days are pretty normal especially if the sugar reduction is drastic. 

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