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Bra band got loose, and then VERY tight


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I hope this question fits into this forum...


I'm finishing up day 38 of my Whole?? and I've noticed some interesting changes with my bras. Last week, I had to take my sports bra and underwire bra down a notch (you know, the band that goes across the back that sometimes will have 3 different sizing notches). I thought, cool!, I'm loosing inches around my ribcage!


Then, one day this week while I was sitting at my desk, my underwire bra got so uncomfortably tight that I had to run to the bathroom to put it back to the original notch.


I've been wearing it that way for a few days. Today, my bra band is super tight (to the point it's very uncomfortable and almost suffocating). I just don't understand how I was wearing it at the smaller size last week and then this week it's tight at my regular size. 


Has anyone experienced this? Does it have to do with bloating or water retention? I'm more curious than anything...

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