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Irritability, exhaustion... and kids


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I'm just about as crabby as one can get.


This is my first whole30 and the day I started I also... er... started.


This is the end of day 5.


My hormones are going crazy, my body is trying to adapt to the lack of refined sugar and nicotine, and I can fully understand the title in the timeline "kill all the things". I think my period is coming to an end and I know there's a light at the end of this tunnel, but right now I really want to scream until I run out of breath and pass out.


I'm also the mother of a wonderful, loving, brilliant little five year old. 

...Please don't call DFCS, but I want to wrap him up in duct tape.

He's a very obedient kid and he's not doing anything wrong, but even as he's quietly playing "ninja" in the living room I feel my head pounding and I'm... dear God, I'm twitching.


A five year old- especially one without siblings- requires so much attention and energy and I don't think there's enough coffee in the world to put me on his level.


Moms, tips?


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I am a mom to 3 boys - ages 1, 3, and 6. My boys are rambunctious and never sit still. We keep them in activities - right now my oldest is in basketball. When we are home honestly I let them do whatever. Play Legos, video games, watch cartoons. Yes I put the tv on if I need a break. On the weekends we get out of the house. Hit the mall, target, the gym, grocery shop, whatever.

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He's very self-sufficient and keeps himself entertained when I'm unable to give him my attention. I think my biggest issue right now is that... skin crawling effect that goes on with every high pitched noise or sound effect he makes. Currently, he's in the dining room with play-doh and this may be the most relaxed I've felt all day. 



And you have 3? You're my hero.

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My middle child is a screamer - meaning he screams when he is happy, sad, or upset. I know what you mean but I guess I'm used to it! I used to have very bad anxiety and I'm still working on it. But some things I've learned to not control to make myself happier. You have a boy so the sound effects will always be there! Try to get involved and embrace it :)

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Schedule as many playdates (at other people's house, if possible :) ) as you can.  I have an 8 year old daughter and she likes a lot of interaction.  It helps if she has a friend to play with.  So I've gotten better a arranging playdates well ahead of time...kind of like doing a weekly cookup. 


I was super cranky in the beginning also, so keep in mind that it will pass.  Just breathe :)  I'm on day 28 and managed not to kill anyone.  I've chilled out a lot!

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totally agree with msssjenna -- I also have three (a six year old and two four year olds) and getting out is the only way to stay sane. Small children are like puppies and they need to be taken out for a good long run at least twice a day (or the equivalent) or they will start chewing the furniture.


If they have been run ragged, then they will play quietly (or there's more of a likelihood they will, anyway). We get out whatever the weather and ensure they all get to run around and let off steam (and scream if they want to) ...

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