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Business lunch...HELP!!!

Will S

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I have a business lunch this coming week and I need help to pick out some dishes that are whole30 compliant. I'm on day 13 right now and feel great and I am kicking butt so I don't want to screw it up over a stupid work lunch. Here is the menu: http://bocanova.com/menus/LunchMenu_01_17_14.pdf


This place is a small dish family style place so I need to find several dishes that are whole30 compliant. Please help!

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Here are the items that look promising to me. 


Jicama Wedges—chile, lime juice

"Huarache"— with no cheese

Duck "Carnitas" Tacos— pico de gallo, avocado, chile creÌ€me fraiÌ‚che --without the cream fraiche. Ask for lettuce leaves to eat the taco meat in. 


Roast NY Strip Sandwich—crispy shallots, duck skin, garden tomatoes, chipotle aioli--no chipotle aioili and ask for it to be prepared into a salad instead of a sandwich 

Apple & Treviso Salad—raisins, pumpkin seeds, queso fresco, tamarind vinaigrette --no queso fresco, no dressing. Add chicken or perhaps NY strip. 


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