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January began a new chapter of our lives.  Something needed to change.  We had tried so many times to change our diet, to eat healthier... but we would always have short term success and could never find our groove or get to our family's ideal.  My 18 month old son has had tourette's like symptoms since he was a baby, and cutting out gluten usually got rid of his tics, but it always came back into our diet.


Over the holidays he got sick, that combined with all the holiday junk brought his tics back after they were dormant for a couple of months.  They were back worse than they had been in several months.  I was hoping he had grown out of them, and worried he wouldn't.  Then I found Whole30.


I knew we needed something structured, plain, easy rules to follow to stick with it.  We needed a change, and although this diet was more strict than what we had planned for ourselves (we're not really a paleo family per se) it had a lot of similarities and we needed the extra things cut out to check for sensitivities and really give us some time to heal.  So we dove in!  All four of us (two adults, 4yo and 18month old)


The first two weeks were H.A.R.D.  I was so glad for the forums, without which we probably wouldn't have made it!  But we did make it and here we are on Day 31.  I did not realize how much we needed this, but after seeing the changes in everyone, it's obvious that we definitely did!


DH: My husband lost 25 pounds, his pants are falling off of him, and his moods have been much more even.  He used to always have an energy crash in the afternoon, not anymore!  He is eating much better portion sizes and nighttime snacking has become the exception rather than the rule.

Myself: I lost 13 pounds (my pictures are below), I feel amazing.  I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since I got pregnant with our first child.  I just feel happier, less mood swings and although my sugar dragon is simply hibernating and not dead, (got to be careful!) my cravings have diminished drastically.  I am now also able to eat small amounts of avocado, banana and kiwi without getting sick.  Those are food sensitivities I have had for years!  I can't sit down and eat a whole avocado but guacamole is definitely back in my life!

4yo Daughter: I have noticed the greatest changes in our daughter.  I had no idea that her daily tantrums and mood swings were so tied to her diet.  She must have been living in a constant cycle of blood sugar highs and crashes!  It was terrible.  Now she is very mild mannered, rarely gets in trouble and throws tantrums only when she is extremely overtired.  (She's had maybe three?)  The transition was hardest on her, but it's reaped the greatest results.  She now eats tons of things she never would touch before: carrots, onions, raw cabbage, beets, cauliflower, strawberries, apples, grapes, etc.  And when we go to the store and say no to cookies or candy she is totally fine with that!!  

18mo Son: Since he's still nursing mostly the change didn't affect him hardly at all.  He laughed as the three of us went through detox and KATT.  But other than that, his palate has opened up to more tastes as well, which is great.  And his tics completely vanished after day 5.  We will be keeping a close eye on it so they don't come back!

So grateful for the reset this has given our family, and if things ever get out of control again we definitely know what we can fall back on!  I won't lie, I'm really glad to be done, but I'm even happier that we did it.



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Thank you!!  I did not notice a difference really either way.  My milk supply certainly has not decreased.  It's hard to tell because my kiddos nurse so frequently day and night.  But I think I *may* have had an increase.  I notice that my son seems to be doing a lot more serious gulping in the evening when I'm laying him down for bed than he usually does.  But that's the only time of day I've noticed a difference.  He's also been wanting to nurse more frequently than usual, so maybe that means I do have more milk.  Or maybe it just means he's been eating less table food.   :lol:

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The first week was really hard.  I had a few low blood sugar spells.  I came to the forums looking for some advice and realized I wasn't eating enough.  The first three weeks I needed to eat three full meals and at least two mini meals (sometimes four full meals and one mini meal) every day.  It was a LOT of food.  I also needed to eat either a serving of fruit or starchy veggies at each meal to keep my blood sugar levels even.  Now I feel like my body has adjusted more and I can easily do three good sized meals a day without feeling any adverse effects.  I'm not sure if I should be doing that or not though... My 4yo only nurses a couple of times at night so that isn't a lot of demand, but my 18 month old nurses all hours of the day still.   :D

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