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Our family just finished our first Whole30 and I wanted to track the next month or two so I can have some accountability as we learn to ride our own bike.  We are not doing the standard reintro protocol.  I know I know... shame shame shame... we should probably do that, but there are so many levels of things I want to test it would take a whole month for us to do it properly and I am just in no frame of mind to do reintros for a month!  

So we're not doing them the technical way, we'll just take it slow and see how it goes.  We already know that DH does not do well with most dairy, and we are going to wait to reintro wheat and legumes for now.  We might start adding back in oats and rice, but we'll do it slowly and I'll track it on here.

Today was Day 31 and I didn't fall face first into a box of donuts like I thought I might... but I didn't do great either.  There are lots of excuses for that, but the bottom line is - I didn't plan to eat well.  I ate terribly.  And now I feel exactly like what I ate - junk.  What have we learned from this class?  It is not worth it to go back to eating junk.  Say it with me: It. Is. Not. Worth. It.


Anyone here could have (and did) tell me that, but sometimes I guess you just have to crash your own bike before you ride your own bike.  So tomorrow I'm getting whatever cravings were in my system out of it, which is surprisingly less of them than I thought there were going to be.  And then it will be back to focused!  Thankfully, DH and I are joining our local CrossFit and they're having a month-long fitness challenge that will help keep us on track!


My guidelines for this next month will be a hybrid of their guidelines, Whole30 lessons we learned and meal planning tailored to our family's needs.  We aren't starting till Tuesday officially, but I am posting it today for accountability when I write up our grocery list tomorrow.   ;) 

***Our Family Guidelines***


1. Workout 4-5 Times a Week.  This is a CrossFit thing, it's pretty self explanatory.  Neither of us did any working out during our Whole30 so we're really excited to add this to our healthy living repertoire.

2. Follow the Meal Template.   One thing I really appreciated learning how to do through our W30 was properly balanced meals.  We will continue using the W30 meal template, including the pre and post workout guidelines for meals concerning protein, fat and vegetable amounts per meal, in addition to starch or fruit at every meal for the kiddos and my nursing needs.


3. Eat Quality Protein Sources. These will include everything W30 approved as well as adding a few extras.  We will be adding back in Greek yogurt, raw milk, quality butter and maybe cottage cheese if it goes well.  We might consider protein bars or shakes if we need them.  Our gym has some suggestions that we can look into for that.  Not ideal, but they will be allowed in a pinch.

4. Limit sugar and sweeteners.  No artificial sweeteners.  I will allow natural sugars, honey, maple syrup.  But obviously on a very limited basis.  I think I am going to count grams of sugar for myself.  I know it's not really in the spirit of W30, but if I don't do that I will just eat "good" sugary things (like fruit) way more than I should.  I haven't slayed my sugar dragon yet... it's going to be a long long process and the fruit was a real struggle for me on the W30.  So I think counting, at least for this month, will help me figure out a good rule for myself for the long term.  When I figure out what I want that number to be I'll post it.


5. Cut out the trouble makers.  There are a few W30 compliant foods that are just trouble for me.  So for this month I am nixing the lara bars (isn't it amazing how our brains can stretch the word emergency...  :blink:).  I am also taking out dried fruit.  Nuts will be allowed once a day at the very most, because I do have trouble getting in all my fat otherwise.  One can only eat so many olives.


6. Drink more water.  I really struggle with getting in enough water, so I am going to start tracking that.  My goal is six tall glasses a day, plus extra if I work out or if I have an off-guideline meal or day.

7. Take fish oil supplements.  Our gym suggests fish oil as a supplement.  I have been needing the motivation to get some for a while so... here we go.

8.  No more snacking, for real.  Nursing and also having young children who eat constantly, the snacking lines were blurred a little too much on our program.  I am going to really crack down on myself for this.  I do not want this to be a part of our family eating culture.  We have desserts once or twice a week that are planned, but other than that it's just regular meals for us.

9.  Relax.  This is going to be the best part of not being on W30 anymore for me.  These are our guidelines, but I am also going to have a piece of cake at my nephew's birthday and I'll really enjoy it.  If we're invited over to someone's house for dinner I won't stress.  At home and for ourselves, we'll work really hard to be compliant with our guidelines.  But we will have exceptions, because health and nutrition is important but it isn't everything!


10.  Re-evaluate.  After our CrossFit's fitness challenge is over we will re-evaluate our plan, make adjustments as necessary and continue on living!  I will post that as a finale to this thread when I get there.  It will be exciting after several weeks of really focused lifestyle changes to see where we are and what our new normal will be!

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Tomorrow we are starting officially on our new family plan.  Today I felt better.  I had two W30 compliant meals (well... we did have bacon with dinner...) and I feel SO much better!  Good to know that my body will bounce back even if I am mean to it for a couple of days.  And I am really glad that I have no desire to eat junk anymore.  Tried it... hated it.  So ready for my delicious and healthy meals back.

I tried to drink more water today - failed.  Three glasses... going to try to get four in before bed, but I guess it's better than nothing.  Got our shopping done for the week so we should be good to go!  And I just need to remind myself not to snack tomorrow.  No snacking.  No snacking... 

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