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Feeling blah! First time post


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Hi everyone! First time posting here!

My boyfriend and I started the whole30 in January. I have crohns and was having a particularly hard winter, so even though still on steroids, i wanted to do something else to help so I started whole30 and my boyfriend(the king of 7 slices of pizza a day, lover of beer and football food tailgate Sundays, and lover of anything and everything carb) jumped in very surprisingly, to help me and to do this to support me:)I told everyone, if he can do the whole30, anyone can:)

Anyway, my birthday had happened the last week before whole30 ended so instead celebrating then, a while ago he booked a nice night away in Niagara Falls, at a nice restaurant with a beautiful wine tour .

Our whole30 ended 5 days prior, and we already did meal prep the same compliant, even though the whole 30 was over, so we didn't introduce anything new, and we really didn't feel like it it anyway, as we were feeling good. Even though things were still not perfect for me and still on steroids, we were doing considerably better,sleeping better, less gas etc. well flash forward to weekend away yesterday and we kind of blew our re-intro ....having too much wine tasting on our guided tour and restaurant, the tour took us to a cheese and chocolate factory, so we had alcohol and sugar dairy there....And we had gluten free pizza today, so much at once I know! Arr!

Now we both feel like we have grown a child within us, so very bloated, have suddenly started breaking out in hives coveting my body this week(although don't know if it's. From the strep or antibiotics I took 3 days ago) crazy crazy fatigue like I used to have after eating a meal....and the absolute worst.,.,after eating our " gluten free" pizza we felt so out of it, we felt almost overcome like we were drunk(which we weren't ). Bad headache, head swelling and dizzy, spacey feeling and lethargic and fatigued!

Now we both can't even move/feel like we've gained 20 lbs and want to just sleep...I realize now we completely messed up our intro but we're pretty serious about staying whole30/paleo compliant...my question is, is there anyway to tell which food it was that made us feel this way or is it too hard since we introduced lots at once? Is there anyway to get over this feeling? Is this normal or not "normal" but normal for reintro?ive had hives for 12 years straight and forgot how nice it was not to constantly itch my body 24/hr a day..."chronic hives" my doctors told me:) nothing to do except Take antihistamines they said! Ta-da..,whole30 cured:)should we just skip introducing gluten at this point?

I just can't believe the 360 our body took over the last 36 hours! "What did you do, we were finally getting happy and healthy you crazy clowns" is what our bodies are screaming at us right now:)

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Sorry you're feeling so poorly.


Unfortunately, reintroing multiple food groups at once makes it impossible to know which one(s) caused your distress. 


My recommendation is to return to 100% Whole30 eating until you feel better. Plus wait until the hives go away.


Then, do a controlled reintroduction, one group at a time, with at least 2 days of 100% Whole30 eating in between each reintro.

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