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Starting Work After Unemployment/Different Eating Patterns


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For the last year I haven't been working, but I'll start a new job tomorrow. Tomorrow is Day 8 for me. I had just gotten into my groove, but my cooking routine kind of depends on being at home and able to go through the whole rigamarole. Now I need to come up with portable meals. And as I live overseas in a developing country and already food availability is quite limited, I'm concerned this will just start to get a bit overly-complicated.


Anyone have any suggestions for a work lunch box lunch?


For tomorrow I have already packed up the following:


nuts and dried fruit


Beet salad

Grilled salmon


It's what I had on hand. 



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I do either a salad (either chopped lettuce / salad greens) with cooked chicken shredded on top in one container, and a dressing in another container (mayo with lime juice, smoked paprika and cumin, chopped tomatoes). Keep them cool if you can (may be another challenge for you) and then just before lunch dump the dressing on the salad, mix and eat. Yum.


Another good sturdy portable meal is a coleslaw (there are lots of different kinds) with cooked protein of choice.


You'll need to be more disciplined about cook-ups, probably, if starting work again. It's the organization of this that gets hard, especially when you get tired (which you will be, especially at the beginning when getting used to it).


Good luck and congrats on the job.

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