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Started today Feb 9th


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I have been battling hormone imbalance for the last 7+ years.  I have found some things that have helped (thankfully), but still could feel better as I have about 10-14 days of headaches per month.  I have been on a journey to improve my headaches for a couple years with no luck.  I also have digestive issues and allegies that I'm hoping to improve.  So, I hope that a Whole30 proves to be beneficial to me!   


I have been eating low carb for quite awhile, but just got back from a vacation where I ate/drank whatever I wanted (and paid for it digestively) so I'm a little worried about these first 2 weeks. I read ISWF about a month ago and got Well Fed 1 and 2 so hoping I'm ready for this journey.   

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