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Nighttime binging


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Hi guys, I don't know if anyone else suffers with this but I can't seem to get through the day without binging. Mainly in the evening at about 7pm. I so badly want to do the whole 30. The trouble is I live alone and binge food seems to be my best friend at night. I've been in this pattern for years. I am actually moving soon so I'm hoping that might stop this pattern.

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Hi Dave


I used to do that a lot at night in front of the TV.  I'd buy a packet of lollies but not stop until the whole packet was gone and then I'd feel awful the next day.


I am currently on day 12 of the whole30 and not binged or cheated once.  i feel amazing and its very much worth it.  


Binging is mind over matter and you need to pinpoint why you do it I suppose.  But I do recommend trying the whole30 to cut the emotional attachment you have with food.  Its really helped me.


I assume you binge on bad food?


Have you read the book 'It starts with food'?  If not, that maybe your best place to start.  read that then get stuck into the whole30!

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Hi Dave,


You are not alone.


I totally understand and have lived this.


I have suffered with this for more years than I would like to remember-since a child.


I would get ravenous at night-after eating dinner?!?

I would oftentimes try to fight it to the point of just going to bed instead eating-only to find that I wasn't able to sleep until I ate.

Or I'd get real hungry when I was sad, happy, lonely etc., the typical emotional eating thing-so I've been told.

But I now think these binges were mostly being triggered by the food I was eating.


This EFT video did help with emotions (emotional freedom techniques- here's the link: http://eft.mercola.com/).


I eliminated sugars, stevia and grains from my diet... but, I still had cravings and binged every week or so.


Then I discovered Whole30- the next step for me.

I jumped in.....

Never had I even considered eliminating yogurt and cheese from my diet!


Amazingly, now: I have NO cravings, between meals..after dinner...late at night...I just fall right to sleep.

Zero bingeing

Completely satisfied with my 3 meals.

I feel great and so much better about myself.

No more morning after "food" hangovers.

No more beating myself up.


Total absence of ravenous hunger/face stuffing.

This is huge for me.


Dave, I can only encourage you not wait one more second...

Wish I had known all of this years ago, would have been saved from so much grief and pain.


So fortunate Whole30 exists! Yay!!

Cannot thank Melissa and Dallas enough!!!



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The Whole30 is an excellent way to break the cycle of binges.  Because it's so structured, there's just no room for binging.  I've always been sort of "all or nothing" when it comes to diet, one of those people who says, "well, I've already ruined today, may as well just eat everything in sight and start over tomorrow!" so these strict rules are really helpful.  


If you do it, make sure you make your meals big enough to keep you full so that you don't feel like you need a snack, which could then trigger a binge (not good, even if it is on approved foods).

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I had a habit of eating dinner then sitting in front of TV with a cuppa and dunk biscuits.,,,, it was an addiction...I wasn't hungry but I wasn't full...I just did it like it was a comfort thing.

Since being on the whole 30 (16 days) I haven't even thought about it...I don't know why...I just don't, I'm content to drink my tea without a thought of dunking. I'm wondering if it's because I now look at my tea as restoring and rehydrating my body....whatever it is I'm just glad that without any effort whatsoever I don't miss or want the handful sometimes two handfuls of biscuits....

It's almost like the food that is on the whole 30 plan switches off something inside my brain...I did have one day when I had an urge...day 13... Was very grumpy that day and I made my daughter some cashew,cacao,date,coconut oil, and shredded coconut balls....once they were refrigerated and I got one out for her I did want one...but I didn't want to undo how far I had come..so it was an easy decision to not go there..

Am sure the whole 30 would help you change that habit if or when you give it a go. :)

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I found this article was great for identifying why i was binging.




I used to snack a lot in the evenings too, in some cases it felt like it was down to boredom and simply trying to keep my hands busy.


Having a little girl now, I dont have as much time to sit and watch TV or the associated snacking.


Good luck

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Live alone?  Much easier to not have any 'bad' food in the house then!  Pack it all up and give it to a friend to hold on to for you until this is all over or pack it into a box and wrap the hell out of it with packing tape and put it in the closet.  I tossed out our yogurts, deli meats, open cheeses and open snack foods when I started Whole30 (well, the ones I would eat and left the rest for the kids) or stuck stuff in the freezer.


Fill up at dinner with lots of fibrous veggies and healthy fats.


My binge hours are between 11-3 if I am home.  It would start with a spoonful of nut butter to avoid eating the chocolate chips and then that spoonful turned into 6 or 7 of them and the grazing began.  Lara bar, dried fruit, sneaking in melted dark chocolate chips/oats/honey mixtures. I find that fat added to food really helps!  At times I even took a tablespoon or so of chopped almonds and stirred them together with 1-2T of melted ghee with sea salt and ate it.  Amazing what ghee and coconut oil can do for satiety.  Sounds gross, but it was better than the defeated feeling I experienced when I came out of the fog that seem to accompany my binge sessions.


I also do not eat past 6:30PM as a rule (unless we are out to eat).  I have some savory tea or even broth if I am feeling desperate.


Could you make night time the time you head to the gym or out for exercise?

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