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Toast to Moving Forward


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I slept restlessly last night, too, and realized this morning that I forgot to take magnesium last night.  Hmmm...  I'll remember tonight and hopefully sleep better. 


Licking the spoon gets me every time, too.  As often as I overindulge in sugar and observe the consequences, it doesn't stop me from doing it again.  I hate that.  I hope, though, that by making note of the consequences, I can maybe stretch out the periods between fall aparts.  Maybe someday, I'll either just not want the sugar or be able to stop that first lick.  It's something to strive for.  Hope you feel good today!

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I'm so glad you are feeling better! I'm getting there. The fact that you have recognized each choice you made for what they were is such a huge win to me, even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it! That is what has kept me from beating myself up with some of my recent questionable choices. I had a choice, I didn't make the best one, but then I moved on to the next one, which was always better than the mess up before. It's certainly not an overnight process. But I'm tired of making myself out to be a victim or even just making myself feel guilty by the choices I'm making. Ain't nobody got time for that!!! ;)


In regards to the time change, that hour can kiss my backside! They need to do away with it. It's not good for us anyway to be toying back and forth with sleeping habits!


Did you ever give the ACV hair rinse a shot Emma? Just wondering what your thoughts were!

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Julie - I never did give the ACV hair wash a try!  I put some in the shower and never used it.  I'm still curious about it.  It took me a decade to actually try ingesting ACV.  I hope it doesn't take me as long to try it in the shower!!  Glad you asked because it puts it back in my mind.  Too bad I don't need a shower this morning because then I'd have no excuses.


My eating the last week has been a bit off roading.  The main meals have all been pretty good, but I've been supplementing with bake sale items and then I saw myself buying chocolate bars to eat later - not good, though tasty.


I'd also stopped meditating and I think that really does good stuff so I'm back to daily meditation, 20 minutes of exercise every day and no junk food purchases.  


Last night I went to an hour of yoga and was glad I was there.  My joints did lots of cracking and popping which they haven't been doing.  Could be the generous amounts of sugar and flours coursing through my system or could be that my period was due to happen?  Perhaps a bit of both!


Interestingly, I've always noticed that I've begun new exercise routines the day before my period.  Well, it was yesterday that I finally got my act back in gear and meditated, exercised and tried to eat better.  I think a lot of my off roading and mood might have been driven by my cycle as well.  So fascinating how it's all related.  But now, I've got two or three good weeks ahead before that moody sugar-seeking part of the cycle reasserts itself and I aim to be a bit better prepared.

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