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Take 2 with dairy.


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So, I finished my W30 on 1/31 and I've been testing the waters in a controlled manner since. I tried dairy last Tuesday, my experiment included a serving of full fat organic greek yogurt in the morning, followed by organic jack cheese melted onto my Meatza (Well Fed) at lunch. As far as the dairy reintro went I didn't make it to a third serving that day. Later in the day, and into the next day, I had some nausea and pretty uncomfortable heartburn.


It seems likely that the heartburn was caused by the dairy. I typically do not get heartburn unless my wine intake is high (which currently it is not - my post W30 rule is one drink per week.) During the bad heartburn days I ate a lot of the Meatza, which was loaded with a tomato paste-heavy sauce, and I had some decaf on the second day (I quit coffee about four weeks ago). And I drank a lot of sparkling water which has a low pH. So I'm wondering whether it was really the dairy, or whether the dairy was poorly timed with other compliant yet potentialy irritating food/drinks. I guess there's only one way to find out.


Fast forward to today (Sunday), it's been five days. The only noncompliant foods I've had since the dairy have been a glass of wine with dinner Friday night, and a small amount of butter with that same dinner. Also I don't know what kind of oil my food was cooked in. But I had no ill effects yesterday.


So today I'm trying the yogurt again, and purposefully excluding the other suspicious things (no sparkling water, tomato paste, or decaf coffee for me today). I'd really love to be able to eat full fat organic greek yogurt a couple of times per week. I guess today I will find out if it's "worth it"....

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