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Feb. 10 start


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Hi everyone, my name is Robin. My husband and our 3 kids have started the whole 30 today. My husband is a soldier and I am a full time student( again).. and we do everything together, so why not get healthy together. We are a pretty healthy family, but there is always room for improvements. About 8 yrs. ago I started a journey to loose a lot of a weight (I was 400lbs) and I succeeded I lost over 290lbs. I have not gained any back but I have lost a lot of muscle and I need to get my butt back in the gym and eat in a way that is more conducive to building muscle and staying healthy. My husband is in good shape but always wants to be better, and I want him around for many years to come. So this is our life changing start. 

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Hi Robin I am starting today too!

I am Type 2 diabetic and the heaviest I have ever been. I am so tired of feeling sick and tired.


I cleaned out my cubbord of the bad stuff. I grocery shopped all weekend, orgainic, herbs and stocked up with the right oils etc. I made the Avacado dressing in the book. I think I will put it on everything I eat!!


Coffee is my downfall. I typically drink it with soymilk, but today it is black. And none after noon....


so far so good... I am 4 1/2 hours into it!

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Looking to reduce the fluff around the middle. Hoping this will really work.

Do I also have to do crossfit. There are none where I live. Anyone know of

Alternatives to crossfit I can do on my own?

Crossfit, or any exercise, for that matter, is not required on a Whole30.


If you want to move, do something that you enjoy and that's accessible to you.

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