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February 10th is the day


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My plan is to eat Paleo from this point on. TheWhole30 is the perfect a way to completely reset my body....free myself of the Sugar Dragon!  For the past three weeks I've been obeying the rules, except for a glass of wine here and there and some really yummy coconut flour muffin concoctions. Today and through March 10 it's raw, raw, raw. I've felt pretty damn good about avoiding wheat and the other carb nightmares that hurt my tummy and my IBS is pretty much nonexistent at this point. Stomach issues should not rule the day on any level. Time to take charge.


I'm hoping some of the predicted misery won't come my way in the next 30 days (i.e., I want to eat my children or I toss hordes of egg cartons out the kitchen window) because I've been eating pretty close to the rules so far and the initial "Avocados, again?!" is dissipating. I'm aware that close to doesn't cut it when committing to this program. Today I feel excited and strong. Talk to me in a week. :)


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