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1 week in!!

Jason Kappel

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I'm 1 week into the whole 30 and I'm feeling awesome! I've gone through a couple of different craving lows and dealing with my ego to not just sneak a cookie or order a pizza cause the family is gone (they'll never know)! I stuck with it and didn't fall to any of my cravings and things are great!

This week I tried sweet potato and cucumbers. I found that I really like both and look forward to using them in different recipes. The other thing that I learned is that you need to read every single label with Deli meats. It's crazy but every deli meat I looked at (Boars head, AppleGate farms) besides some of the beef have sugar or honey on the ingrediant list. I was happy to find some sausages that don't use sugar.

Next week, I'm going to try spaghetti squash and expereiment with some currys. :)

Even after just one week this is totally worth it, my clothes are loose and I had a ton of energy when I played hockey earlier this week.



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Whole Foods sells a roast beef in their deli section which doesn't have sugar. It's the only "lunchmeat" I've found, and it sure is nice to have on hand for a quick protein. I like to just eat it cold, by itself.

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