Whole30 Day 19 and I'm Grumpy


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My first Whole30 was amazing...I didn't want to stop...in fact, I didn't.  I pretty much kept it up for over 90 days...and after those 90 days that I only had a treat or two for two months...until December 27th...I think I went on a pretty solid sugar binge.  It was obnoxious...and I felt bad and I don't want to feel like that again....


So when I started up again in January with a Whole30 to get back on track, I never expected it to be so hard to stay motivated.  I know how good it feels but this time (Day 19 now) I find myself wanting to quit nearly every single day. It's pure willpower that's pushing me through, but I just wonder if this has happened to anyone else.  Maybe it's because my experience the first time was so good...and maybe I thought this would be 'so easy'.


I'm not sure why this one is so hard...but I'm 'bumming' today.  I'm also not seeing the dramatic weight loss at this point that I saw in the previous...so perhaps that is there too.  I'm not weighing myself - but I just don't 'feel' myself any smaller.



LOL, i should have a warning on this post...It's the grumpiest!

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Thanks, Tina!  I feel slightly guilty about my grumpy post, because I'm sure it isn't encouraging to anyone : ) BUT, I just needed to get it out there so that I didn't keep it bottled up.  Bottom line - eating Whole30 and then Whole30 most of the time after was the best thing I ever did.  


I appreciate your encouragement and your recommendation!! I will definitely check out that link!  

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Don't feel bad about posting this, it IS encouraging because I have been feeling the same way about my second Whole30 as well. It took forever to finally get it going and be committed. My first one last spring was very satisfying and I'm so glad I did it! This one has been riddled w/little annoyances that keep me frustrated. I have the same daily desire to quit, just like you. (I'm on day 22, so we're close in timelines.)


It's nice to know I'm not the only one! ;)

~fellow grumpy

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