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My W30 Experience


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Do you know that feeling from childhood when you're headed home and filled with bittersweet emotion? If not, bear with me.


Yesterday (my day 30) I was afraid to "get into the car and drive home." I wanted to "stay at summer camp." I'll be honest, this W30 experience wasn't the most enjoyable thing ever. It wasn't the worst either. It wasn't even the W30 that stunk. It was the 3 weeks of building up to a full-on flare-up. Boy do I hate those. So, I was sore the whole entire time. I dealt with sick kids and at one point with a debilitated body. I bet now your asking how I can associate W30 with comfort.


I have so much to say about my experience...


  • I lost 11 pounds and that was without physical activity because of my flare-up. I learned today that I have a mineral deficiency and will need supplements. The doctor said that he is quite certain that this deficiency is causing my symptoms
  • I feel great. Seriously. I got a little down (Ok a lot down) during the debilitating part of my flare-up, but for the most part I got "tiger blood." I don't need to nap anymore during the day. I feel happy.
  • When I am prepared, I am not hungry between meals. A few times I either didn't feel well or was rushing my children out the door.
  • I don't want bad food. I fear this is a trick, but the thought grosses me out...so I'm hanging on to that.
  • My eczema flared up again after it had gone away. I think (my theory) that it's because it's inflammatory and because my body was busy fighting pain and such. It had cleared up when I was halfway through W30.
  • I sleep way better. I need to have a better habit and routine to my sleep pattern, but the sleep I get is improved. I wake up less in the night. I was blown away when several times I didn't even get up. Usually I wake up a couple times to go to the bathroom.
  • I got rid of the scale again after today's weigh-in. Good-bye obsession. I hope.
  • I have great glucose levels and my cholesterol is improving.
  • I don't feel deprived. REALLY.
  • One of the most profound things that I experienced was the paradigm shift that occurred when I read that not only do I owe this lifestyle change to myself, but I AM WORTH IT. Yes I am. Thanks for that. I could have found a thousand reasons to quit, but I was reminded of my worth and commitment to myself and kept on. I'm not self loathing as this post may seem. I just tend to forget me in the demands of my life and was reminded through this experience.


Anyway, I feel like I still need Whole 30. I splurged today (Almond flour blueberry pancakes & bacon!). It was paleo approved, just not whole 30 approved. Anyway, that's not why I need W30 still. I feel like my body needs babying until it heals a bit more. I noticed changes from this whole 30. I just need more time. Can I do another one?


I also need to thank the moderators who viewed my logs and encouraged me. I am so grateful for the structure and wisdom in this program.  I knew about paleo prior to this and about the power that good food has to heal our bodies. I didn't have the support I needed prior to this. My house is empty of any non-paleo food now. I have joined a co-op and I am buying a side of beef from the local farm. I had been meaning to and this program has given me the swift kick I needed. (especially now that I have room in my freezer.)


Note: I may be back to edit. I couldn't recall all I wanted to share. I hope that it touches and inspires someone. 

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