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Genmaicha tea?


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Hi there


Searched the forum and the website but nothing came up!


I have some Japanes tea at home, it's a mix of matcha and genmaicha tea. Genmaicha has roasted rice in it, so is it ok to drink it?

Not eating it, so I'm wondering if an infusion of rice is ok :)

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8 minutes ago, HollyShul said:

Hi - I had ordered green tea at a restaurant (doing some sashimi-eating) and it tasted rice-y which likely meant genmaicha. I had one sip and then stopped. I’m on Day 3 but necessary to start again at Day 1?

Take a read of the starting over article linked in my signature below and see what you think. Our guidance is always to start over however if that is mentally challenging, maybe just consider that you are doing a Whole33 and that way you still get your 30 days?

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