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My husband and I started Whole 30 29 days ago!  We were already eating pretty much like you recommend but did use various types of sugar, mainly in coffee and tea.  We also indulged in fairly healthy treats but they included coconut sugar, agave nectar or the like.


So I have been making our own almond milk and coconut milk - also an added benefit is having the flour which we will use occasionally when we finish.  We have eaten very similarly to the way we were eating before we started, but are being more creative in finding ways to limit all grains.


For example, our homemade spaghetti sauce is now over zucchini or broccoli instead of brown rice noodles.  It actually tastes better!! :)


We plan to continue with the exception of a little sweetener in our morning coffee - which is also optional and not a need…the coffee that is!  The sweetener is not going to be optional!! :D   I had hoped I would get used to the taste of a latte without sweetener, but it did not happen in 30 days!!


This has been good for us as I need to begin the GAPS protocol and was sure I could never make it to the finish with that.


Thank you for your book, for your helpful daily email, and for all the information provided by this website. Could not have done it without all your help!!

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