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Meal Plan for Runner

Elizabeth T

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Hi everyone!  My husband and I are on Day 2 of our first Whole30.  I am a runner and typically run between 40-50 miles.  Is it ok to turn my post-workout meal (within 30 minutes) into my breakfast but with less fat, as it would be very difficult to eat another meal within 60-90 minutes do to my work schedule and my commute. 


For example, yesterday I had a 10-mile workout.  Within 30 minutes of finishing I had a microwaved sweet potato, two scrambled eggs and some sauteed greens and brussel sprouts.  About three hours later, I had a normal Whole30 meal.  I then ate two more Whole30 compliant meals.  So it seems I'm really eating almost four meals, except not as much fat right after the workout.  Is this ok?  Or is this eating too much? 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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