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First timer Whole30


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Hello All, I actually introduced myself 14 days ago on this website and must have done it in the wrong place as it was initially difficult to understand the format of this forum and I couldn't figure out how to navigate, but I learned quickly. :-) But I just found this forum so I figured I'd re-introduced myself here. I am an avid runner and for the most part I eat clean. I decided to start the Whole30 challenge as my "Reset Button" if you will... Today is Day 14 for me so I am half way done. So far I feel really good, no bloatiness feeling at all, I stay fuller longer, I don't feel lethargic at all!!!! My clothes feel a little loose on my waist. Other than running I also do workout DVDs at home, to be exact T25 and I love it! I am learning the PWO meals which I found a little difficult to follow as I am afraid that I would run out of energy while running.  My first 2 weeks of running have been very challenging, sore quads, but I am hoping the next upcoming two weeks will be better. 

All the best to everyone!! 

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