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Liquid Smoke?


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Can you share the bbq sauce recipe once you've tried it?


When I posted this, I had Everyday Paleo's Brother Mark BBQ sauce recipe in mind.  But hers calls for honey, so I didn't make it.  I did find the recipe below that I made over the weekend, but I took the base from EP's BBQ of using 1/2 pineapple juice and 1/2 apple juice and used that to cut on the volume on apple cider vinegar in stupid easy paleo's sauce.  Stupid easy paleo does not call for liquid smoke, but I like a sweet smokey sauce (not carolina vinegar). Its easier to find a Whole 30 carolina sauce.


I made the recipe below, but used .5 cup pineapple juice, .5 cup apple juice and .5 cup apple cider vinegar instead and added just 1-2 drops liquid smoke (you don't need alot, its potent). It was actually pretty good.  I think when I make it again, I may change the ratio of pineapple juice to apple cider vinegar because it was still a little vinegar-y for my taste, but it was a nice surprise.  Also, I don't think I let it simmer enough to really thicken good.  I found I needed it to simmer longer than I thought to thicken up.  Its probably not a BBQ I would prefer (heck, I love Sweet Baby Ray's), but definitely better than some other homemade recipes I've tried.  




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