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It would help to know what you are picky about?  :) 

What kinds of proteins do you like? What kinds of veggies do you like? What are you open to trying?

Robb Wolf's food matrix may be able to give you some ideas for possibilities, as well as the Whole30 shopping list.

Pick what you like or what intrigues you, and keep it simple. Protein, veg and fat at every meal.

EDIT: For ideas on simple, take a look at Fonzico's post. They just completed a successful Whole30 and listed what they typically ate. 

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One thing would be to stop labeling yourself "picky". Start believing yourself to be a person interested in trying new foods and then go out of your way to try some. Whole30 isn't about recreating "what you used to eat" anyway, and it doesn't have to be elaborate recipes, as Chris points out: a simple protein, vegetable and fat is all you need at each meal.

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well, eat meat and potatoes. lol. 


meatballs--all kinds of flavors and recipes out there


chicken curry


shrimp curry


fish curry 


chicken saag


chicken tikka masala


steak and potatoes 


"shepherd's pie" (made with sweet potatoes) 


meatloaf with mashed cauliflower 


stir fries --veggies/meat/coconut aminos 


all sorts of soups (butternut squash, chicken soup, mexican taco soup) --google the style of soup + paleo and you'll get many hits 


stews (carrots/sweet potato/onion/meat/ beef broth) 

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Favorite meatloaf recipe: http://paleomg.com/paleo-savory-sweet-potato-meatloaf/  (Makes 2 loaves. If you don't have compliant bacon, use compliant pancetta or skip it and cook the onions and raisins in a compliant fat.)

Favorite meatball recipe: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/03/05/mmmmm-moroccan-meatballs/


Check out moderator Tom Denham's site for more meat recipes: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/recipe-index/

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Mel Joulwan at www.theclothesmakethegirl.com has a whole section of curries and stews: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/category/recipes/stews/ -- maybe some of those would work.


Any kind of meat you would normally eat is probably okay, unless you tended to drown it in sugary marinades, then obviously, that's out..


I eat a lot of ground beef -- it's cheap and easy to cook and can be seasoned to whatever I'm in the mood for -- add chili powder and cumin and it's taco meat (okay, maybe it's more complicated than that, you could use this recipe: http://cavemanfood.blogspot.com/2009/04/taco-salad-and-homemade-taco-seasoning.html), or brown it, then add compliant marinara sauce and serve it over spaghetti squash if you're wanting Italian flavors.


Chicken is easy too -- I like this recipe occasionally: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/122652789825165117/, and every couple or three weeks, I roast a whole chicken in the crockpot, then turn the remains into chicken broth. Here's a recipe for a slow cooker roast chicken, if you need one: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4807547385/slow-cooker-roast-chicken-and-gravy (obviously, you can roast them in the oven too, but the crockpot is just easier for me.)


If you don't like salad, don't eat salad, just make sure you get a variety of vegetables.

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I love Dukkah chicken thighs!




Easy egg muffins made with leftover chocolate chili from Well Fed cookbook:  basically use 1c chili, 4 eggs and some coconut oil to grease the muffin tins.  Put chili in the greased tin and top each with the whisked eggs to fill the wells.  Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.  This can be modified to add spinach or other stuff.


Mark's Daily Apple Crispy Carnitas are YUM as lettuce wraps with avocado




Pakistani Kima (used ghee instead of butter and butternut squash sometimes instead of sweet potato)




Indian beef and spaghetti squash makes good leftovers.  FInd canned coconut milk without preservatives and crap




Food is so fun!  Spices make everything better (so does ghee).  Enjoy and experiment and EAT THEM COLD.   :o

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