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A Whole lotta Whole30 (journal)


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Pam's Whole30.  My Whole30.


I was planning on starting February 15th to avoid having to restrict myself on my Valentine's Day dinner date, but the calendar tells me I am leaving for Disneyworld on 3/13 and there is no way I can be compliant while staying inside the Disney theme park so I started today.  


My stumbling block seems to be preparation.  I  have all of the information in my head.  I know what is compliant and I know how to cook.  I just don't give myself go-to good calories, so I find myself grabbing foods like nuts and dried fruit and nut butters instead of a meal with real protein.  Snacks translate into over eating most of the time in my history.  I just chip away at my progress and make up excuses.


So:  I am really going to try this time!  No modifications needed so why bother?


Breakfast:  started out with organic half caff coffee with coconut milk (Arroy-D; no preservatives).  I was just about to make breakfast when work called to see if I could come in ASAP.  Skipped breakfast and hopped in the shower.  I drink the half caff now because my BP is so low and it helps me.  I also make sure I salt my food with the himalayan sea salt regularly.  My BP has always been 90/60 but recently has gone as low as 80s/50s with symptoms.  Resting heart rate is as low as 42 in bed at night; also with some symptoms.  I am quite conditioned due to years of cardio in the form of biking or elliptical or running so that doesn't concern me too much unless I have the floating feeling along with it.  Menopause just sucks.


Took my arsenal of Ortho Molecular supplements:  Alpha Base, Thyrotain, Adapten-All, Vitamin D3, Pregnelolone for sluggish thyroid (not hypo or hashimoto's), whacked out cortisol rhythm and perimenopausal estrogen dominance.   Also reading Christiane Northrup's "The Wisdom of Menopause" and loving it!  Wondering if my marriage will fail to survive and change along with me.  27 years together is a shame to throw away but things aren't going well.


Lunch:  large roasted chicken breast/wing with skin and ½ bottle unsweetened cranberry kombucha


Snack (2PM):  pear and 2T sunflower seed butter/almond butter


Drinking a lot of water today.  I am flushing out the system as best as I can.


No gym today.  I typically go to the gym or walk on the treadmill at home 4-5 times a week.  Try to do some weights 2 times a week.  Big chance from 18 months ago when cross fit was my life.  Chronic injury sidelines that for the foreseeable future.  I can't bear down or run without symptoms.  


My husband said he would join me if I wanted him to do so.  This is a guy who has zero issues with food or discipline or body issues.  He does have slightly high LDLs (110), concerning calcium scan and strong family history which has him on a statin and he has resisted every piece of info I've given him against statins or for coconut oil.  He is an MD; did I mention that?   :huh: His statin has his total Cholesterol down to the 120s and his HDLs to the low end of normal along with LDLs now low.  Triglycerides have always been good.  He is 47 and I am 48.  He is willing to eat some fats so that is a plus but he thinks his numbers are good.  I worry.  I mentioned a link between low cholesterol and cataracts that peaked his interest (dad just had cataract surgery and he is a fat phobic on statins for 25 years) but not sure he will research it.   I have also pointed out the links between cognitive decline and cholesterol but who knows how that goes over?  His dad has dementia now, too. I cannot tell him what to do; he needs to come to the decision himself because I am not a doctor.


I don't know if I will invite him on this Whole30.  I don't think he appreciates why I am doing this and I fear he will eat compliant when I cook it for him but will continue to eat whatever he wants at other times and call it success.  Or make fun of it behind my back.  We already have a strained marriage.  It could be great for us but it could widen the divide if he once again poo-poos what I believe in. He eats 2-3 yogurts a day, loves grains, drinks a lot of milk, thinks coconut fat is the Devil, and doesn't feel his body is suffering one bit.  He is extremely athletic and built like Mark Sisson from Mark's Daily Apple in his current photos!  Honestly, I'm jealous.


I asked him to do some reading on Whole30 or pick up my copy of ISWF before he commits.  He has no idea how restrictive this 30 day plan is… I assume he thinks no dairy, no wheat and no (white) sugar.  Period.   Let's see what he does.


Dinner is going to be a potpourri of vegetables from the crisper that need cooking (in ghee or coconut oil): onion, carrots, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, raw sunflower seeds and a few raisins, plus a 5 chunks of pork shoulder from the stew I made yesterday.   Maybe 4oz meat.


Here I go again.  Please, please offer advice for troubleshooting my history of failing every 14-15 days like clockwork.  I wake up tired and hungry (cravings) on Day 14 and it goes down from there.   I don't believe I over restrict carbs.  I don't need to lose weight, but 5 vanity pounds would be nice.  

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Welcome back!


I know this isn't your first rodeo.  The best advice I can give you is to follow the meal template for every meal. Get your proteins, veg and fats in at all three meals.  If you need snacks, have them be a mini-meal that includes a protein and fat. Limit fruit to have with or immediately after meals only.


Maybe to avoid skipping breakfast, you always have something handy. Whether you make a frittata ahead of time that you reheat, have compliant leftovers, or have some hard-boiled eggs, pepper strips and guacamole or mayo handy for the grabbing.

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Husband says he wants to do this with me.  We will see!  He read some about it and recognizes he will have a tough time giving up dairy and grains.  I still need to ask him why he is doing this?  Merely to support me isn't the right answer, is it?

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Day Two


BREAKFAST (yes, I did!) was half caff coffee with 3T Arroy-D coconut milk, a hard boiled egg and a pear


Lunch:  chicken breast with skin and homemade sweet potato 'fries' (baked)


Snack:  apple on way home from work


Drank ½ bottle unsweetened lavender kombucha cut with water over the day.  Wasn't tempted to eat sugar but I know that will change soon!


Off to the massage therapist for a well deserved TLC session.


Bought some compliant Lara bars for my husband.  He eats a TON since he exercises A TON.  I hope that will help him.


Dinner:  Husband made chicken thighs with salt/pepper only, rib eyes and a big salad with greens/raisins/nuts/red pepper.  Stopped him from using sushi vinegar for the vinaigrette.  Stir fried a big bunch of green beans in ghee and salt so that was good.  He did fine.  I was a bit nervous.


We will see how this goes with him.  When I mentioned no sweetener in the tea an hour ago, his reply was "So we can't have honey?"  Not sure he understands this well.   ;)

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Thanks Chris.  I know I am not supposed to skip breakfast and I am trying to work on it!  I have a few stumbling blocks that hurt me time after time.


Making hard boiled eggs right now.


Pam, what are the stumbling blocks and how can we help?


Husband says he wants to do this with me.  We will see!  He read some about it and recognizes he will have a tough time giving up dairy and grains.  I still need to ask him why he is doing this?  Merely to support me isn't the right answer, is it?


So, maybe he does something paleo-ish and has some results...  It sounds as though he is sort of supportive and sort of interested.  If he is with you, maybe you will rock yours harder.  And, if you can guide him without letting the rest of the challenges the two of you have going on (guidance instead of nagging), maybe he will rock his harder than you thought he could.


My husband and I still struggle over food prep, food cost, kitchen clean-up, and snacking (he loves to snack on cruncy things, so he eats nuts all day and into the night). I try not to judge and we both just had a super successful W30 during really trying times.


What do I know about your marriage?  I do know that the whole prep thing is a mutual challenge.  I'm trying to learn how to do cook-ups.  Seems like two crock pots of food should get me through a few days, right, but it doesn't.  I have to cook way more!


Speaking of cooking, I'd love to hear about your pork stew. 

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This is the pork shoulder stew.  I have made it with Ruby Port before and it is FANTASTIC that way.  I used balsamic and homemade broth to sub this time.  And no polenta


Pork Shoulder
  • Preheat the oven to 300°F. Season the pork shoulder generously with salt and pepper. In a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, warm the olive oil and sear the pork, turning, until it is well browned all over, about 10 minutes. Transfer the pork to a plate.
  • Add the leeks and garlic to the Dutch oven and brown, stirring, 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Return the pork to the Dutch oven and add the tomatoes, wine, anchovies, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, and rosemary. Cover the Dutch oven and place it in the oven. Cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, turning 
  • the pork twice during cooking (once after 45 minutes and again after an hour and a half).
  • Raise the temperature to 425°F. Uncover the Dutch oven and add the olives. Continue cooking, uncovered, until the liquid is reduced and the meat is very tender, about 20 minutes more. If you have made this ahead of time, let it cool so the fat has a chance to rise to the surface, then spoon it off if you like (I usually don't bother). If you've made it the day before, chilling hardens the fat and makes it really easy to spoon off. Reheat if necessary and serve over polenta.
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Stumbling blocks:  


*Negative stress and I'm a stress eater

*Old eating disorder history can lead me to over-restrict and set myself up for binges

*Have this every 14 day falling off the wagon where I wake up feeling different  Cannot explain it.  Wondering how this happens?

*Three teens in house who are not Whole30 and need to eat.  That means temptations galore!


Prepping foods and having them ready to eat or almost ready to eat seems to be the best option for all of this except for the stressors.


Husband has a history of saying he'll support (his idea of supporting is not criticizing or even talking about it with me to avoid argument) or joking about it behind my back or telling others I'm seeking a "magic bullet".  He is not a believer in alternative medicine and I am.  He is an MD so he thinks he knows.  Nice guy, but he thinks he knows.


I have some built up lack of trust and hurt and I'd rather have him not do this at all than pretend and cheat or go in half way.  Like I mentioned earlier, there are no things he wants to change about himself or his habits that Whole30 will do.  If anything, the coconut fats and the animal proteins go against what he thinks is healthy.  If he claims he's compliant and then I find out otherwise I'll just be super duper pissed off and that isn't good for us right now.  I know that sounds irrational, but that is what it has become over the years.


I'm torn.  I'll talk to him more.

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Wow, that was pretty awesome of you to share all of that.  I hope you know I only ask to be supportive.  Knowing the road blocks can help us troubleshoot in advance and it sounds like you are.


I am back on day 1 today (after a one day break).  My way to bring myself back today was to have something really yummy waiting so that I would absolutely want to eat at home.  Today, that is Nom Nom's Cracklin' chicken.


Again, thanks for sharing.

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Day Three is going well


Breakfast!:  half caff coffee with coconut milk, about 5oz rib eye steak and a big carrot


Drank ½ bottle unsweetened Kombucha (Synergy brand) cut with water throughout day at work


Lunch:  2c mixed sauteed vegetables and 1 chicken leg/thigh (smallish)


Snack in car on way home from work:  pear


Going out to dinner tonight at a gastropub.  I am really questioning how I am going to stay compliant but I will do it.  Even if I have to just have a slab of meat and a plain salad I will do it.  I'm not a drinker anymore so no wine or beer bothers me none.


This is the menu!  Looks like I can do it just fine:




Had lobster ceviche.  Wow.  It was basically a lobster salsa served with homemade tortilla chips.  The added fact that they colored them vibrant red for V-Day made the chips even less tempting.  So, ate just the ceviche.  No sugar added; I asked.


Entree was seafood.  No sides.  They were good about it.


Husband had a salad with maple vinaigrette/cheese and the shrimp which had a sweetened glaze.  He didn't have a drink and he passed on the fresh bread put on the table.  I know that, to him, is compliance.  I will give it to him.  I'm trying!

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Woke up at 6am this morning, and realized I had not woken up at 3am!  Feels good.  I feel rested a bit.


Going to watch the US-Russia hockey game with my morning half caff with coconut milk.  


Today will be the shopping day to prepare for next week.  My husband and oldest will be gone college shopping (Stanford/Berkley) so much of my week will be free to eat when and what I desire.  The other 2 kids have their own extracurricular schedules that pull them away from the house.  Lots of quick meals for them.  Hubbie won't be staying Whole30 at all this entire week.  I will work hard to take his version of effort as true support and not a belittlement of what I am trying to do.  


Thinking a frittata?  A homemade stock chicken soup sounds good, too.  Love my pressure cooker for that one.


Wondering if I should invest in a slow cooker?  I have so many kitchen gadgets but there are so many good recipes I could be doing while I am at work all day.  I suppose they aren't expensive but where the heck do I put it?  


LOVING my 2 egg scramble with ghee/onion and ½ avocado on top for breakfast.   took my arsenal of supplements.


Hubby fried up some venison with onions in ghee.  Only thing different for him is no toast with jam.  This 30 day plan will help him eat that deer he shot this fall.  I am not a venison eater.  Mental block on that one.  I tossed him out the door with a Lara bar since he was headed to a salmon fishing presentation for the morning.  I hope he resists Burger King and  diet soda on the way home!

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Day Four 


So far, great.


Breakfast:  half caff/coconut milk and 2 egg scramble with onion, ghee and ½ avocado.  Oh, sea salt.


Snack:  super huge asian pear with just about 1T almond butter on one of the slices.  Probably should be the only fruit of the day.


Drinking a lot of water.


Tired these past 3 days.  I'm having a hard time going to the gym.  Thinking maybe I will take a few days off but not too sure that is smart.  Maybe I'll have more energy later this afternoon.


Lunch/snack (already not following through with meals):  large carrot and a large handful of raw walnuts/pecans tossed in melted ghee.  Felt the need for fats.  


Feeling overly snack-y today.  Only on Day 4.  Off to the gym to get my mind off of eating before dinner in 2 hours.


75 minutes at the gym.  Head on straight


Dinner:  Â½ large sweet potato with a ton of stir fried (in coconut oil) veggies and a few ounces of steak


Numi organics beet-cabbage savory tea while I am on the computer creating an impromptu resume.  Not working for 15 years while you stay at home to raise 3 kids makes for night going down memory lane to remember what the hell I did and when I did it!  Anyhow, the tea has 25% RDA for calcium in it.  Awesome.  No yucky ingredients, either.

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Day Five


Waking up to half caff with coconut milk.


My husband is not very committed to Whole30 but that is going to have to be OK.  Yesterday he went to a half day lecture and I sent him out the door with a Lara bar (tried to get him to take other things, too).  He got hungry, of course, and opted for a muffin.  Tried to say he was compliant but I pegged him immediately and he caved with the truth.  He actually HAD the option of eating a burger without the bun or a brat.  Either of those would have likely still been technically non-compliant but much better choice than a muffin.  Glad he didn't continue to lie to me because it would drive me absolutely insane if he touted to all of his friends that he completed Whole30 when he did not.  Why that bothers me I do not know.  I think part of it is that everything comes so easy to my husband.  Driven to be successful (very highly respected MD), athletically gifted, emotionally stable/controlled and has never failed at what he attempts.  That isn't me!  I struggle with food and moods; have done so for 35 years.  The idea of him lying about compliance somehow belittles my struggles and efforts.  Gotta figure that one out.  Some of it might be the feeling that everyone thinks he is this amazing husband and partner because he is a great guy and top in his field.  As his wife, I have spent a lot of time waiting for him over the years and altering my dreams to fit into his… so thinking that everyone again thinks he is Mr. Supportive and Mr. Wonderful by undertaking an unnecessary restrictive eating plan to support his struggling wife makes me want to scream out loud and run off a litany of incidences where he put us on the back burner (3 kids) to achieve his goals PLUS the fact he isn't even close to compliant   ;) .  lots of changes and transitions in our marriage going on and sorry about venting them here (yes, I am seeing a great therapist to save our marriage).


Breakfast:  large sweet potato topped with onions/mushroom sautéed in 2T ghee, sea salt and ½ avocado.  Added ½ c blueberries


Headed to Pheasant Fest with my husband and youngest.  I thought it would be nice to tag along to something they are interested in doing… plus I get to pet some puppies.   Cleared to start fostering dogs again!  I've been on forced hiatus (by husband) since November.  It is a lot of work but I absolutely love it.


Breakfast was pretty late (9:30am) so I'll probably turn it into brunch and eat a snack of a hard boiled egg before we go.


"Lunch":  pear and hard boiled egg with savory tea (carrot curry!)


Hubby just had to taste everything at Pheasant Fest, which mean he had BBQ sauce, chips ("I need to dip the sauce in something to taste it"), beef jerky.  Probably all off the plan but we don't know the jerky ingredients.  I am certain he still considers himself very much on the Whole30 plan, because this is a guy who would say "it was just a little gluten" when he gave our gluten free son some chicken nuggets or slice of pizza.  To this day, he maintains he was very supportive of the gluten free diet.  lol  On the plus side, I am less and less irritated by his participation level each day.  And, I got to play with a lot of PUPPIES this afternoon which makes anyone's day better.


Snack:  2T of sunflower seed butter/ghee… just on a spoon because I needed something!  And a large carrot


Dinner:  baked chicken legs, parsnip/celery root/carrot mash (ghee/coconut milk), greens with blackberries/sunflower seeds/raisins and a balsamic/olive oil dressing


Oh I am too full.  That 'snack' of fat was too much.  I also ate too much chicken skin since hubby doesn't eat his.


I do get to go move at the gym in an hour which makes me happy.  Ugh


75 minutes at the gym with cardio and some weights.  Finally had to pull myself away from the Super G on TV to go home!  Time to wind down for bed.  Trying hard to get off of the computer and TV for at least an hour before lights out… and trying to make lights out consistently before 10 since I get up at 5:45am and tend to toss and turn with perimenopausal woes.  

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You rock.

I'm your age, tiny, exercise very little. And I sometimes eat more in a meal than you eat in a day. I bet you serious money that you're not tired and snacky, you're totally freakin' hungry. Eat lots more. Really.

Also, you rock.

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You rock.

I'm your age, tiny, exercise very little. And I sometimes eat more in a meal than you eat in a day. I bet you serious money that you're not tired and snacky, you're totally freakin' hungry. Eat lots more. Really.

Also, you rock.

You are correct about needing to eat more!  What I don't talk about is how I ate horrible stuff, and a lot of it, which led me to a cyclical pattern of skipping meals and exercising to burn the calories.  I am a grazer-binge eater.  I will not sit down and eat an entire bag of something, but instead go from food to food to fill a need and avoid eating that 1 damn cookie.  Probably a protein need but I opt for carbs or chocolate.  Starting the Whole30 I usually eat too little at first and then ramp up as I gain mental clarity/energy and begin to crave burgers and steak over chocolate and nut butter.


Eating disorder history (hospitalized back in the 1980s and carried it with me well into my 30s) makes it a mental hurdle to eat more!  Intellectually, I know you are correct.  What I need to do is learn to apply the brakes after a meal instead of thinking I've 'blown it' by eating too much so why not just continue off the edge?


When I first went Paleo in 2012 my weight dropped to a comfortable place without any effort.  We were on vacation out West and I survived on ranch raised meats and vegetables.  No sweets for the 2 weeks we were out there.  I was floored at how my belly flattened, my energy increased and my moods stabilized.  I also immediately got my period back… probably from the added fats.   I knew at that point that I was onto something.


I'm spending a lot of time researching hormones, thyroid function and adrenals.  Much of it comes back to balancing insulin and keeping a healthy supply of cholesterol for hormone production.  I have a history of very low cholesterol (as low as 110 total cholesterol) which I always thought was a good thing!  Last test, 6 months into Paleo, had me up around 180, I believe, with HDLs high and LDLs quite low.  Very happy with that one. 


I am committed to doing this right, but I struggle with getting there quickly.  Thank you for the support!  

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Day Six!  


Did not sleep well last night.  A lot of tossing and turning; partially due to neck/shoulder pain.  I have some scoliosis and my job (standing and twisting at the waist a lot) does not help at all.  I wish I could visit my chiropractor daily.  I need to be more consistent with stretching  and more mindful of posture.


Morning ½ caff with lots of Arroy-D coconut milk.  


Out to lunch with a girlfriend today.  I picked a spot that I hope can accommodate.  I have so many social commitments this month!!!  Friday/Saturday/Sunday also filled with brewery tour/fish fry (how am I going to do that one?), surprise birthday party and breakfast with friends.  Breakfasts are the easiest.


Breakfast:  hard boiled egg (salted), pear and 2T almond butter/1T ghee.  Probably didn't need that nut butter 


Well, today didn't go well!


Stayed compliant with food but ate a TON of it.  Lost my mind today.  Temporarily.  At one point I just decided to let myself go and eat as much as I want as long as it was Whole30 compliant.  That eating involved 2 Lara bars in the matter of 30 minutes and more almonds/raisins/unsweetened coconut than is good for any human being but I can go to bed knowing tomorrow will be Day Seven and not Day One.  Pretty awesome feeling, knowing that there are bags of chocolate chips, a lone vegan chocolate chip cookie and raw dark chocolate (sweetened with coconut sugar so a no-no) that stayed untouched.


Brewing some savory tea (fennel spice), curling up with my good book (Wisdom of Menopause) and watching a few Olympic events before bed.  The kids can be without mom for one night and I can reflect on today and learn from it.


No obvious triggers except for going out to eat.  I just don't know if that was it.  Restaurant food? I wish I could just avoid it all together for the next 24 days.  I had Chipotle, since the restaurant I picked was closed (Monday).  I ordered salad with carnitas, mild salsa and guacamole.  According to some old forum topic, the carnitas do not contain soybean oil.  I consider myself compliant.  

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Day Seven.  


Still rocking my pride with being able to maintain compliance during a food binge yesterday.  I threw out the remaining nuts (threw them to the squirrels) that plague me.  I left a large bag of raw mixed nuts for my husband since I don't reach for those.  The toasted almonds are gone, and will stay gone until this is over and I can reintroduce them.   ;)


Black half caff coffee today since my stomach is not feeling great and adding fat right now isn't sounding good at all.


Have to go out and snow blow the driveway before the car can come out of the garage.  Not feeling like it.  So sick of winter, but it is GORGEOUS outside.


I need to grocery shop today to plan some meals and have some grab-n-go proteins.  


First meal:  chicken thigh/leg with 2c sauteed mixed veggies


Found some properly raised pork belly.  What do I do with it?  Just had to pick it up.  Thinking a quick pan fry and bake?  Just not sure.  Small portion, so just an experiment this week.  


Went to the gym for an hour


Second meal:  big sweet potato with sauteed onion/mushroom/yellow pepper (in coconut oil) with sea salt.  Added some taco meat (grass fed beef and Frontier spice mix which has no fillers/sugar) and this was AWESOME.  And filling.

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Day Eight




Half caff with coconut milk

2 eggs and mushrooms fried in coconut oil




½ bottle unsweetened kombucha

1 large chicken breast with skin




Apple and a large carrot

savory tea




Carnival squash (1 medium one; at the whole thing) and pork belly with greens.


Man, pork belly is fatty.  I guess that should be considered a fat and not a protein.  I just roasted it with salt/pepper and piled it inside the squash halves.  Maybe 3oz of the 'meat'


Good day.  Very good day.  Thinking I'll take a walk on the treadmill before bed.


No walk on the treadmill, but I did add maybe 3oz ground beef as a 'snack'.  It was left over from yesterday and today's tacos so I just finished it.


One week down!  

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Day Nine


Early morning with half caff and coconut milk/coconut oil.  Had a wave of anxiety(ish) rush over me about 2/3 of the way through my coffee which scared me into thinking I bought full caffeine coffee by mistake, but realized I was drinking the last of the old batch.  Must have been a hormone rush.


After having a hot flash free night on Tuesday, I slept 'hot' last night.  Poop.  Hopefully, the pattern of decreasing hot flashes will continue as it did back in 2012 when I first did a Whole30.  I don't have the during the day, though.  That is an improvement.


Missing my husband today.  He is in CA with our oldest to see Stanford and Berkley.  What a good feeling (missing him)… also an improvement!  I guess my hard work is paying off in other areas, too.


Breakfast:  hard boiled egg and a pear


Lunch:  large roasted chicken breast/wing with skin and 1c mixed sauteed vegetables.  Had about 6 curry cashews


drank ½ bottle unsweetened kombucha cut with water over the day


Snack:  apple and 1 dried fig.  1T nutritional yeast to see how it does.  I like the idea of the B vits


Dinner:  baked sweet potato with mushrooms/brussel sprouts sauteed in ghee with sea salt.  


I had the flank steak all set  to go until I realized I mindlessly added the maple syrup to the marinade that I always do… so no animal protein for me tonight.  I had quite a large chicken breast at lunch and an egg at breakfast so I'm not suffering.  If I wind up going to the gym, I can always fry up a quick egg afterwards if I feel the need.


I did make it to the gym for about 75 minutes.  Cardio and weights.  Came home and had a little fat bolus before bed of 1T almond butter/ghee.  Drank lots of water.


I feel a noncompliant moment coming on.  I hope I don't start winding up for my 14 day fall again.  I will be SO disappointed!  I will have to be mindful to eat a lot of filling vegetables and good protein over the next few days and not let the snacking on nuts and dried fruits creep in.  There is chocolate in the house…  I am better at resisting temptation while out with friends than while alone at home.  Much better.

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Day Ten!  


Not much sleep last night.  Went to bed a bit later than I wanted to, and then husband/son FINALLY got home from San Francisco after being stranded in Minneapolis for a few hours.  Alarm came much sooner than desired.


Half caff coffee with coconut oil this morning.  Shower and work!  Driveway is an ice rink.


Husband is off the program.  Well, he might say he is still on, but after making compliant eggs for him before he ran out the door for work he ate the remainder of the cinnamon roll my daughter left on her plate.  Said something along the lines of, "You can't throw that out."  It is just fine.  I'm not really anything but happy that I've been able to make it the 10 days without being angry with him and proud of my sticking to the program.  Honestly, I feel a little superior that I can do it and he cannot.   ;)   He probably *could* if he really felt it was worthwhile but it is pretty obvious he agreed to eat this way only to support me.  As long as he doesn't sabotage (offer to cook and not make it Whole30 and not say anything) it is okey dokey.  


Going to a brewery tour and fish fry tonight.  Oh, boy.  I will not be tempted, but I sure hope they have options on the menu that I can eat.  I will eat beforehand just in case.  Preparing for the comments about it just being one night and enjoy myself!  Already know I will say I can have fun without eating.


Breakfast:  egg over easy in ghee/sea salt, pear, and a bunch of broccoli


Lunch:  bone-in chicken breast/wing with skin and 1c mixed veggies.  1/4 c cashews


Snack:  Ate a chicken leg after work in case there were no options at the brewery tour/fish fry.  Added ½ zucchini squash


Good thing I ate before going:  only compliant thing was a mixed green salad without dressing.  Ate it


Had 1T almond butter when I got home.  Time to head upstairs to read and talk about the San Fran trip before I start over snacking

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Day Eleven


Slept pretty well.


Woke up with half caff coffee and ghee/coconut oil.   Read via Mercola.com that avocado can be a good cravings curb tool.  I will stock up on avocado today at the store since my typical Day 14/15 crash and burn is fast approaching.  


Making crispy carnitas this morning.  


Breakfast:  not my best day, but I had


3T sunflower seed butter

1T ghee

1/4 c raisins

sea salt

1 pear


Don't make that face… it was good all mixed up and put on the pear.  However, not really going to help me curb cravings at all.  I just couldn't stomach more eggs today.


Nibbling on the fat while shredding the pork shoulder.  I think I've had enough fat for today.  Ugh.




Crispy carnitas




Dinner is going to be vegetarian.  Maybe add a hard boiled egg but *no* carnitas.  Erg


Ran to the gym before dinner.  Got all sweaty.  Feeling great.




2/3 kabocha squash with coconut oil.  Tons o' squash.  Suddenly had no urge to eat any of the meat.  Maybe later.

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Don't make that face… it was good all mixed up and put on the pear.  However, not really going to help me curb cravings at all.  I just couldn't stomach more eggs today.



What about other non-egg breakfast options? Soups? Leftovers from previous meals?

Countless choices.






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Day Twelve


Heading into work early on a Sunday.  Half caff and coconut milk started the day off well.


Breakfast was an apple and a compliant Lara bar since I ran into some issues that took all of my cooking time away.


Lunch was a roasted bone-in chicken breast/wing with skin, 1c mixed veggies and baked sweet potato 'fries' 


Drank 1/2 unsweetened kombucha cut with water over the work day


Snack on way home was an Asian pear and small bowl crispy carnitas


Dinner was chicken stir fry with baby bok choy, carrots and mushrooms in a coconut amino/chili/ginger/coconut milk marinade.  Used arrowroot to thicken.  Took out the chicken from mine and added some carnitas instead.  


Hubby says he was good all day today while I was at work.  Somehow, he doesn't think trying a Congo bar (chocolate chip cookie bar) he made with the kids while I was gone as noncompliant.  It is really odd.  He seriously feels he has stayed compliant.  Doctors.  hah.  I think in his head he is supporting me through this 30 day adventure by cutting out his daily yogurts and breads so that is being good.  Yesterday he told me most days he has eaten Whole30.  I did the math in my head, and out of 12 days he has eaten compliant for 3 of them.  Between today, Valentine's Day dinner out, the fish fry/beer tour on Friday (had 3 beers and fried fish), the day he went to the fishing convention and had to eat the muffin, the BBQ he ate at Pheasant Fest and the 4 day he was in San Francisco that doesn't leave many days.   <_< Does he care?


Better question:  Should I care?  I'm not doing this for him.  I guess I just expected more when he said he wanted to do it with me to support me.  


I try not to eat after 6-7PM.  Tonight I had a snack at 8:30 of:  2T cashew butter


Better just go to bed and read.  I think I'm in an emotional eating mood.

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Day Thirteen


Horrible sleep last night.  Not enough.  Between running hot and having my husband keep me awake between 11:30-1:30 I am BEAT.  


I wish I knew how to rid myself of these night time heat waves.  I am probably going to add fermented soy products to my diet after Whole30.  That will be my first reintro.  I've been reading about soy and menopause.  I don't like the idea of unfermented soy, but fermented could do it for me.  Easy to source organic soy products here and I actually like tempeh.


Headed to Madison this morning to have breakfast with my parents.  I hope I can control myself today!  Fatigue is not my friend.


Half caff coffee and coconut milk before I head out the door.  Running late.


Day 13 isn't going well.  Over tired.  Over hungry.


Mom wasn't doing well with her knee so they wanted to eat breakfast at home.  I  had an Epic bar in my bag (no sugar one) so I ate it.  Then, found a lone egg and a banana to eat instead of the fresh bagels and cream cheese mom had my dad run out to buy (good bagels!).  


Stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up a few things and hit their hot bar.  Was able to get a bunch of veggie but no animal proteins since all were cooked with sauces containing soy or sugars.   Ate probably 4c mixed vegetables; cooked and raw.


Got home and devoured the rest of the crispy (pork) carnitas with 1/4 avocado.  Thinking I need water since it is 1:30 and all I've had today is coffee.  Probably ate 12oz carnitas.  Lots of fat.


Feeling the need to continue eating.  So not willing to blow it on Day 13.  Save it for Day 14 like I always do.   ;)


Going to try to get a few things done at home and then run to the gym before the kids' activities start.

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