Specifics of reintroduction: Dairy on Day 1 and then not again till 10 days are up?


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I've just completed my first Whole 30 (woot!). Two questions. First, I still have occasional (couple times a week) unexplainable tummy upset that sends me scurrying to the restroom. Thought maybe it was avocados, so I quit those, but nope, still happening, even on day 30. Not sure what else to test.


Second - on reintroduction. I'm unclear on a detail about the isolation factor, and I've searched but can't find the answer. Say it's day 1 of reintroduction, and you have dairy while keeping the rest of your diet whole 30 compliant. I get how to do that. But on day 2, do you keep having dairy? Day 3? Then when you get to day 4, do you keep dairy in AND also reintroduce gluten-containing grains? Or do you drop dairy again at that point, and only add the grains?


If I'm reading the instructions literally, then I think I have dairy on day 1, then no dairy again until after the 10 days are up. Same with grains: have them on day 4, then not again until the 10 days are up, and so on with the other categories. Is that right?


Many thanks!



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On the dairy example, you have dairy at all 3 meals for one day, keeping everything else compliant. Then return to 100% Whole30 eating for 2 days, to see if you have any delayed reactions. Then reintro the next food group following the same process until you're done. Once you reintro a food group, you don't eat it again until your reintros are done.


Also, only reintro those food groups you're curious about or that you want to eat again.

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What if, keeping with the dairy, you don't experience any negative reactions for 3 days? Wouldn't that suggest that you could keep it in your diet now that you know IT wasn't the culprit?

You don't want to muddy the waters.  Follow the reintro protocol as specified, and that way if you have a reaction, you can pinpoint the exact cause.

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