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Too Many Eggs


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Is there such a thing as eating too many eggs?  My husband has hereditary high cholesterol. (He has always eaten healthy and is very tall and slender (6'2", 165 lbs).  The main reason he agreed to do Whole30 with me (our first time), was to improve his immune sytem, he hoped.  He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, had robotics surgery, then 3 years later had to had 8 weeks of daily radiation treatments.  But his big concern is eating eggs everyday.  Paleo (I have read) allows only 6 eggs per week.  Shoud we be eating eggs every day?  If it is okay, can you explain why?  Thanks so much.  I am a "newbie" to all of this.  (Weight Watchers was my life!)



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Eggs are one of my pet issues, so even though I have answered this question before, I will answer it more now.


I have a gene that makes me have high cholesterol, so mine IS high no matter what I eat. I know by experience that eating lots of eggs daily does not make my cholesterol levels worse. I am down to about 4 eggs daily lately, but have eaten 6 per day regularly. Most people would love to have the lows of my triglycerides and the highs of my good cholesterol. The only thing no one would want is my LDL cholesterol. 


The issue is that dietary cholesterol has almost nothing to do with blood levels of cholesterol. Your blood levels have mostly to do with production of cholesterol in your liver. The funny thing is that my doctor knows this, but worried that I was eating too many eggs at one point. I challenged her by pointing out that dietary cholesterol had nothing to do with things. She acknowledged that was true, but suggested that I should avoid so many eggs anyway. I pointed out she was working from superstition rather than science or reason and she could not deny it. :)


By the way, I am 6'2" and grew up slender. I am a more muscular 190 pounds now, but weighed 165-170 during my marathon running days. Your husband and I may be cousins. :)

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