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Soooooo constipated! What to do?

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Hi all,

Decided to start a topic myself, even though the subject is really not new.

I am on day 18 and have had major gas last week, which turned into severe constipation. I seem to have completely locked down there and starting to get a pretty painfull belly. I feel that some root vegetables might be at fault, but still trying to figure that out.

In the meantime I am looking at buying some digestive enzymes since many people seem to benefit from those. But there are SO MANY kinds, what do I look for?? I saw the brand 'NOW' being mentioned but the have like 20-30 kinds and even more other digestive products. Which to choose?

I see papaya enzymes, plant enzymes, super enzymes, Serrazimes, Bromelain, Betaine HCI, Dairy Digest Complete.... I have no idea what all these mean or do, what do I pick?

Thanks a lot anyone for a tip, anything that might help!

By the way, I do already drink lots of (lukewarm) water, eat leafy veggies as well as some starchy ones, hardly any nuts or fruits and follow the meal template pretty accurately. No need for snacks, just 3 meals.

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Thank you Tom Denham!

Ithat looks like a good article to read and I will also look into the Natural Calm (although I'm in Europe, we don't have the same brands here).

First off to sleep now, am exhausted with this 'blob' inside my tummy...

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