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Finished 1st W30 with surprising outcome


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I am shocked that since about a week into my whole 30, I stopped having my infamous "wake 'n bake" problems. These have plagued me for a year or more - waaay worse than just night sweats - I wake up horribly sick and nauseous simply from heat. Every night, about 5 hours after whatever I last ate. Even in winter, even with the window above the bed cracked open.


But now I'm not having them. How is it that food changes alone can stop what I thought was just a given part of being 50+?


Shocked. So even though I didnt lose any weight (major bummer since I have about 30 lbs to lose), I'm calling this a measurable success.


Other benefits: More daytime energy, improved mood (really!), wake up refreshed (never happened in my life), can easily go 5-6 hours without eating, and waaaay less tummy distress overall.


I have to admit I flipped out just a teensy bit for about half a day after there was no weight loss on Day 30, but when I think about no wake 'n bake, how can I complain?



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