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Day 20 and trying to manage my expectations


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I'll start by saying I fully intend to finish. However! I had a gluten free, mostly dairy free, low grains diet previouly. Mostly, giving up moderate red wine, eating out, moderate ( not bnging) added sugar has still been a challenge. I have experienced some health inprovements, but am not feeling so energetic and I do not seem to be any smaller. . . .yes, I know weight loss is not the point, but really, a girl can hope. My goal weight is 12 pounds less than where I started, which is not overweight but feels uncomfortable on my small frame . .and I want my clothes to feel better. I still have 10 days to go and am trying to exercise more. Any encouragement for my whiny self out there?

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I encourage you to continue. Remember it's the Whole30, not the Whole20.  :)


Generally, if you're not feeling energetic, we recommend making sure you're eating carb-dense vegetables daily.


You could also post 2-3 days worth of your food log, as well as give a sense of your daily sleep amounts and activity. Folks here can give you feedback on possible tweaks.

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Here is what I ate yesterday and tody:


Loose sausage two eggs, advocado blackberries coffee w/ coconut milk

3 liters water

Apple, pecan and sausage lunch

Asparagus and pork lon dinner

A couple of organic nuts and a mandarin orange during the day for snack.


Sausage, egg and kale breakfast

Apple and nuts for lunch

Coffee with coconut milk

3liters water

8 oz of strip steak dinner with asparagus

A few organic dates for a snack . . .

All ofmy food is organic, fresh, local. i am using coconut oil, ghee, and the fat from the sausage, don't feel too deprived.

Also taking high quality probiotics, progesterone and adrenal support, supplements of calcium-magnesium, vitamin c, multivitamins, all certified clean. Maintaining light exercise routine. I am 51, weighed in at 136 in the beginning, am 5'4".i am off of antivirals for a chroniceye nfection, which is good, with skn improvemens, but . . .just thought things would be more dramatic.

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Do you have a copy of the meal template? Whole30 recommends each meal have 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies, and the appropriate amount of compliant fat.


Half your meals are missing veggies.  Don't let fruit push veggies off your plate. Today's lunch wasn't a meal.


I'd definitely recommend making sure you have veggies at every meal. Include at least one carb dense veg daily. Carb-dense veggies include sweet potato, winter squash, jicama, carrots, plantains, beets, rutabaga and parsnips.


Also, are you getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep nightly?


Snacks, if needed, should be a mini- meal containing a protein and fat..Nuts are a fat source. Save your 1-2 daily fruit servings to have with or immediately after your main meals.

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Okay, will try formoreveg, less fruit. These past few days have been a challenge with my son home all day on snow days, so I have been cooking a lot to feed and please him. Will add greens at work and some carb dense veg.

I have only slept well the last 3 nights; before that, major insomnia.


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Thanks for the advice! More veggies and less fruit means more energy and less overeating or me. Hurray, workouts easier! Day 24 and things are looking up. Have decided to go for a Whole 35 and celebrate with a compliant meal and glass of wine.

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