Bad food or bad whole45? Please help!


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Today is my last day of my first Whole45! However, I am very confused and disappointed. My first 3 weeks were pretty typical of what I've heard and read. Around this time I noticed and so did others that my skin looked great, that I looked a little leaner, and that I had more energy. I also hadn't had a stomach ache and bloating for 3 weeks!! I felt like a new person!! I was a believer. 


But then… two things happened around the 3 week mark. One - I began cooking with more coconut oil (instead of olive oil) and Two - I ate one bite of a hard boiled egg that was cracked and had been left out for several hours (it was warm). After the egg incident, I had moderate cramps all day (but no nausea or diarrhea). Ever since that day I have been constipated! I have now gone 4 days without a BM. Other stomach problems are severe bloatedness and gas. The only relief (but wasnt really relief) came after drinking a homemade veggie smoothie. I drank 1/2 a cup and it went right through me. In addition, my increased energy is not only gone but I feel like my muscles are encased in concrete, my skin looks just ok (having minor weird breakouts that look like bug bites), I feel a bit depressed, and still dealing with seasonal allergies.


In addition, I have scleroderma morphea on my stomach that has no cleared up.


I was feeling so great and this turn of events has me really discouraged! I was going to have a glass of wine tonight with my Valentine (while rest of meal remains same) but I'm so confused. 


Should I go to the doctor? could I have a bacteria or parasite from that one bite of bad hard boiled egg?


Typical meals-

breakfast: black coffee

eggs with lean meat and 1.5 cups of veggies

lunch: protein size of my palm with 2 cups of veggies

dinner: same as lunch

usually snack on cashews and banana chips with a lean meat

protein is usually: turkey, chicken, ground beef, steak and pork

veggies: mostly onions, bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, green beans, snow peas, cauliflower

fruits: very little - some apples, oranges, and strawberries occasionally

I use a lot of garlic in my meals and mostly cook with coconut oil or olive oil


I take a probiotic, vitamin D supp, and fish oil (arctic cod liver oil) every morning w breakfast

Exercise: I walk about 3 miles 3-4 times a week. 

Sleep: 6.5 - 8 hours a night


Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. I've worked so hard and want to find an answer to my stomach, energy level, mood issues! 

Thank you for your time!



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I can't speak to the skin issues as I'm not super familiar with that. For the digestive issues I would try removing the coconut oil and see if that helps at all. Some people don't handle coconut. I'm not sure about the couldn't hurt to see the doctor if your issues started with that egg.


Some questions: 


How often are you snacking? Your snack doesn't look bad except I would ditch the banana chips. Keep fruit to part of or immediately following a meal. 


On the days you walk are you making sure to get more starchy carbs than on a non-active day?

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I wouldn't vote for the egg, but a visit to the doctor might not hurt.  I do second the idea of taking a reprieve from the coconut.  You may have uncovered a sensitivity.


Clean animal fats from grassfed and pastured animals may be your best bet.  Clarified butter, ghee, lard, tallow, and bacon fat may work for you.  Also, fattier cuts from the same animals.


Are you getting any fat outside of cooking fats?  Olives might be a good choice while you sort out your skin problems.  Some people with coconut issues also report avocado issues, but you could always try.


I haven't watched this yet, but it may be interesting.

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