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So, okay.  About a year ago, my bf and I did the Whole 30 for the first time and it CHANGED OUR LIVES.  No exaggeration.


Tons of things improved for us and we've never felt better.  We also each lost around 15 lbs by the end of the 30 days, which is always nice.


Fast forward to this year and we've fallen off the wagon a little, weren't feeling well, still not where we wanted to be health or weight-wise, etc.  So we decide to do the Whole 30 again!


I was very much looking forward to feeling better and losing weight again {I didn't try to expect it, but I kinda did anyway}.


So we did it.  And though we feel SO much better and things are back to normal with how we feel, the weight loss just wasn't there.


Well, it was, but only kinda.  The first time, I lost 15 lbs without lifting a finger to work out.  This second time, I lost around 8-10 lbs total, then gained back most of that within a week of starting to add things back in.  Then I was PMSing and added the last bit back.




We were actually more strict, this go-round, catching things we missed the first time.  The bloating went away, and I feel like I look better, but no weight loss.


I know this is awfully vague, but does anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?

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Can you give us some more specifics? In what ways were you more strict this time? Were you working out this time? Did you do another round of reintro or did you just add things back in? What things did you add back in? Did anything else change besides food and your cycle the week after?


My first thought is this might be entirely related to your cycle. I know when I was weighing myself daily my weight around that time of the month would vary wildly. Usually a big drop followed by a big gain. I don't weight myself anymore because it just stresses me out.


Another thought is that most people who see big weight loss when they do W30 have a lot to weight to lose and/or have made a big adjustment in how they are eating. Personally I was already eating mostly paleo when I did my W30 and "only" lost 3 lbs. When I first made the transition to paleo I had a bigger loss but still not extreme as I was already eating pretty clean.

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In what ways were you more strict this time?: We noticed a lot of things had sugar in them that we were eating, last time, mostly natural meat products, like our bacon, etc.  We had a better understanding, this time through.  ALTHOUGH we did get stuck in a food rut, this time.


Were you working out this time?: Nope, not once.  :/


Did you do another round of reintro or did you just add things back in?: I added things back in slowly, like the first time.  I also discovered a few new things to cut out entirely, like pistachios.


What things did you add back in?: I had an alcohol day, a non-gluten grains day, and I think another one, can't recall.  Way less than the first time, since the first time through showed me so much that I didn't want in my life.


Did anything else change besides food and your cycle the week after?: Don't think so.  I have been incredibly stressed, but that's been consistent for the past 1.5 yrs {so during the first time through, too}.


Well, it's the weight plus the fact that though I feel better, I don't think my body changed at all.


Thank you for the bits about already eating clean and then doing the W30; I think that makes a lot of sense!  I don't know why I was expecting the same amount of weight loss when the changes we made weren't so different.  Just hopeful, I guess, haha.


Still have no idea why I plateaued the way I did.  :/  As if my body didn't want to lose any more weight without exercise.


I am doing a little a day, pull-ups, push ups, planks, and I plan on adding running and yoga back in soon, and maybe checking out CrossFit.  So we'll see if that helps!

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Using the same strategy the 2nd go around, secretly dieting while doing a W30 can be a dud. It can result in rebound weight gain and often with friends. 

Eating whole foods without limiting quantity and no secret dieting. This is exactly the strategy I've used and it broke the cycles of food addiction and dieting for me.

I ate like a king for 30 days. All whole non-trigger foods.  It made all of the difference in the world.  I did not secretly get on the scale and tweak it.  Ooooo, if I lop more of this off, that scale will start heading in the right direction.

The Whole 30 was not created to be a diet. It's a food reset with diagnostic testing at the end of 30 days.  Many have tried to change the program and combine it with other dieting programs.  That doesn't work either. 

The Whole 30 is about changing your relationship with food. For real. It should be conducted in the manner it was designed...otherwise you could be in for a dud or another flop. 


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