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I work nights and need caffeine


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what i'm saying is i have trouble staying awake to work a midnight shift as it is and i currently use crystal light with caffeine or a diet soda. Since these both are not allowed and i'm not a coffee drinker, what alternatives do i have to get in caffeine just so that i can function and do my job.


i just read the article TrayS recommended. Its ok but even with adequate sleep, i'm still very tired. Just a few days ago, I woke up feeling refreshed and had a great time with my kids. On my drive into work, i fell asleep at a few red lights and I hadn't started my 12hr shift. I do not get up to an alarm clock, i have blackout curtains, it's cold and quiet in my room. I know all the tricks to get rest but staying awake has always eluded me. and changing my career choice is not an option so please don't suggest that.


so i ask, what is acceptable for caffeine intake? If coffee is the only choice, then maybe this program isn't for me.


Thanks in advance.

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