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starting 3/1


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Hi Everyone!

After seeing more than one acquaintance successfully complete their 30 days, I have been inspired to do it myself. I bought the book today and plan on getting it read and getting mentally prepared in the next week with a start date of March 1! Im so nervous and anxious, being that I am not sure I will have the support of my family, and my crazy schedule being the single mom of a 5 year old, working full-time, and going to school. But, I have to do it! I have lost and maintained a weight loss of about 160lbs, but the last two years since I had a bought of hospitalization, I just haven't felt right. No energy, lethargic, and just can't keep up with my daughter! I want to do this for myself, to better my health and have the energy and stable mood I need to be a good mom!



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