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Laura's Whole30 log


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Tomorrow starts my first day of my second whole30.  I am excited and looking forward to the results, but also nervous to fail.  The first time I completed my whole30, I was living alone and had more time on my hands.  This time I am now living with my boyfriend, who doesn't eat paleo and I have a lot more to do after work.  Not making excuses, but those are some of the reasons I am nervous to fail.  


I want to do this to feel good about myself again.  When I moved in with my boyfriend, I gained a lot of weight ... pretty much all of the weight I lost when I completed my first whole30.  It's disappointing to start all over again, but I know how much better I will feel once I complete these 30 days.  I remember how much more energy I had, how I really started to love food that was good for me, how healthy my hair and skin was, and so much more.  


I prepped today and spent lots of money on compliant ingredients.  I am hoping keeping a blog, and recording my food and how I feel each day, will keep my accountable.  


Here's to the next 30 days. 

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