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starting on 8/1 and vacations for next 2 weeks. help!

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hi out there -

so, i've read a ton of posts in the forums amd have read through ISWF. i am super excited to start my first whole30 on wednesday, august 1st. however, i am starting off nervous because i leave for a beach vacation on 8/3 and then have another beach trip planned the following weekend. i already feel like i'm going to have a hard time fighting my food demons; is taking this one while watching everyone around me eat, drink and be merry a horrible idea?

i don't want to put it off until september, either. im going on a week-long vacation to mexico that month, and i really want to be healthier (okay, and a little slimmer) before then.

any advice?


ps - it sounds like i have a lavish lifestyle with all of these vacations :) it's with family and my kids....the only real, "for me" vacay is mexico!

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The most important thing may be to eat enough to be really full at every meal. If you try to accelerate weight loss by restricting calories and keep yourself even a little hungry, you may cave and wind up eating the off-plan foods others are eating. You can lose weight while keeping yourself satisfied during a Whole30. The other thing is to make sure you have steady access to good food. Not that you should graze or snack all day, but you should make sure you can get to good food when it is time to eat. And I mean good food. None of this eating a can of tuna fish and a banana while your family is eating barbeque pork sandwiches.

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